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The Clyde puffer is a small steamboat which provided provisions and trade link around the west coast and Hebrides islands of Scotland.
Cooling for the motor and speed controller is from a battery powered pump run through a 30 Amp speed controller to give variable speed, water is draw from the bottom of the hull and passes through the speed controller, motor and exits the hull on the upper port side towards the stern. The is a scratch build project that I have not finished, hull is complete and superstructure is in place - just needs detailing. The set up pull 16 Amps at full speed and the battery will last more than 30min with good throttle management.
I used a CNC machine to cut out the hull formers for this project - a short video of the CNC machine in action is Here - pretty boring if you have seen a CNC machine before, pretty interesting if you have not.
The Ship uses two 540 brushed motors with twin 220 Amp speed controllers with forward and reverse. Click on the thumbnails for the RC ship plans for the Hermes Deep Sea Salvage Tug or Hochsee Bergungsschlepper.
This was the difficult part - because there are no real plans the superstructure was build from what limited drawings and pictures I could find from the net. You can see from the pictures that there are twin speed controls, both rated at 220 Amps - I have decided not to use any water cooling on this ship as after repeated tests I can not get the motors or speed controls to get as hot as they do when used in my RC big foot pickup after a good run - I hope this the correct decision. The steering servo has been sealed in place with low temp glue stick paste to stop any moisture ingress if the rudder shaft should leak.
The Deck is made from cheap 3mm ply - the planks drawn on with a pencil then scored over with a stylus. To give a traditional built feel to the hull, the gunwale and buttocks (of the ship) where given a veneer of hardwood so it was hard to tell the the ship was not completely made from wood. The extended keel is a 10mm x 75mm x 660mm piece of steel running the full length of the bottom of the hull - it weighs about 4 kg - this is enough ballast to enable the ship to remain upright with wind in the sails. The sails where made from a nylon material which was cut and sewn to shape by a fierce lady and hand sewn into place by my totally unsuitable fat fingers - the fierce one had had enough and I thought it better not to ask her to help anymore. Here is a short clip of the first test in a lake and the video clip on the right is a lesson in using cheap battery connectors - 100m out and the controls go dead and when rescued the connector given the magic wiggle and all working.
RC Ship Plans and RC Boat Plans for download free - a collection of free ship plans for model ship and model boats that I have built. Not really a ship but many Ships have Lattice Boom Cranes on deck - especially construction barges and all Dockyards have a crawler crane.
The Jack Up Crane Barge has Legs with a Pin system to provide additional stability during lifting.
The plans are in AutoCAD format, copied in Adobe PDF format for those model Engineers who do not have access to AutoCAD Software.
Listed below are a selection of free plans to download - I have not made any of these models (yet) but the plans seem to be reasonable and enough detail to make a good model ship on the first attempt.
A great set of plans over 60 pages with instructions for a Paddle Steamer Tug Boat - a comprehensive set of plans with good detail.
Designed in the office of Tabor Sea in Gdansk, she was built by the Gdansk Repair Shipyard. If this is your first visit, please click the Sign Up now button to begin the process of creating your account so you can begin posting on our forums!
I can say that it turned out to be more than what I expected and especially using just one Motor with a relatively low RPM specification.
I can't wait to command the large Plywood PT311 next time with the relocated location of the Batteries!!!
I will have our very own DAVID HART who is the official Model Airplane News Magazine Photographer to take some high Resolution Digital Pictures!! Since the Stuffing Shaft that the boat ran for the first two runs was determined to be too short and the M5 Threads were not enough (too short of threads) to allow for the threaded M5 Propeller and the Backup securing Nut, tonight I finally changed it out to one that has slightly longer length and longer threaded end point. As you will see in one picture in comparing the Old and the Newer one, the Newer one provides much better setup for both the M5 Threaded Propeller "and" the Backup securing Nut.
Here is the Video showing the 3rd Test Run with the improved Center Of Gravity by placing the Batteries further AFT and adjacent to the Motor.
Make: Talk 004I had a fun time talking to Mark Frauenfelder in episode 4 of his new podcast, Make: Talk! Wolf-Stelzer Book LampMy friend Tess just made the cover of ReadyMade with her cool lamp design.
One day I stumbled upon a super-cheap Homelite 25cc line trimmer, and figured that it must be time to dig out those plans and whip up a boat, but the plans were nowhere to be found, apparently having fallen victim to several appartment and house moves. Oh, just so that you can envision the scene properly, yes I do wear a blue double-breasted blazer and white yachting cap whenever I am at the lake running the boat.

In 68 i met Tom Patterson and linked up and built the engines for his cracker Sparkler for 5 yrs set the kilo at 95.170 in 68 and 70 was APBA high point had a great time racing in the cracker class kinda like water going sprint cars. When hobbyists start talking about the worlds biggest RC plane in their opinion, there are always particular RC airplanes that usually get a mention or two. The largest plane in the world, which is the Antonov An-225 Mriya, also has an RC model plane.
Plenty of RC pilots build and fly large-scale RC airplanes because such big planes are so awesome to fly and even more impressive when they do aerobatics. Giant-scale aircraft of course need larger engines, stronger and more servos, and overall more expense than normal RC planes do. In the United States, the giant-scale RC plane organizations recognized by the Academy of Model Aeronautics are the International Miniature Aircraft Association (IMAA) and the International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC). IMAC, on the other hand, replicates with RC planes what the International Aerobatic Club does with full-size aircraft. The Cocca Anseatica was 30 metres in length, had 20 metre length on the water line and a sail area of approximately 186 square metres. The Cocca represented in our model is the one from approximately 1470 with an overall length of 34 metres, 25 metres length on the water line, a draught of 2.5 metres and a sail area of 265 square metres. Please note that these models are designed for the advanced modeller and the plans cover a huge amount of detail.
Giant Scale Aircraft require larger engines, stronger and more servos, and are over all much more expensive than the average RC airplane. There are two AMA recognized organizations in the US that are dedicated to Giant Scale Aircraft. The International Miniature Aircraft Association (IMAA) promotes the operation of large scale RC airplanes in a safe and informal manner. Ducted Fan and Turbine aircraft must have 140" combined length and widthA true quarter scale RC airplane or larger will be permitted even if it doesn't the above requirements. If you see an airplane being advertised as "IMAA Legal", then it meets the above criteria and can be flown in IMAA events. This model airplane magazine will give you tips and techniques to build your very own scale version of just about any type of airplane imaginable! The International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) promotes and sponsors scale aerobatic competitions.
IMAC competitions are very much the same as IAC competitions, except IMAC pilots fly Giant Scale RC Airplanes instead of full scale aerobatic airplanes. An airplane must be a "true Scale" model of a full scale airplane in order to participate in IAC competitions.
You will find that most giant scale planes are powered by gasoline engines as opposed to the nitro engine used by most "normal" size RC airplanes.
Other than the larger servos and redundant systems, Giant scale RC airplanes have the same electronics as a micro airplane! Most giant scale warbirds have working retractable landing gear, just like the full scale versions. Micro Magic - One Design One of the most popular model yachts in the world, the Graupner Micro Magic was designed for racing.
Nirvana - One DesignThe Megatech Nirvana is a popular Ready to Sail boat designed for racing.
Pea Pod 36 - One DesignA simple to build and easy to sail design from the 1980s, made from three sheets of plywood. This is where boats that don't fit in other classes register and track their growth on the way to full-fledged class status. Not a Class as such, but a Special Interest Group that studies the history of Model Yachting and supports all manner of traditional models: Vintage Marbleheads, Vintage 36 inch boats, Schooners and Skipjacks. These small cargo ships where made popular by the short stories about the Vital Spark and her captain Para Handy.
As with previous model boats I have made, the plans where taken from a paper model ship, enlarged and adapted to make a rough set of plans to work from.
A little bit of overkill but I would rather be looking AT extra Amp rating that looking FOR extra Amp rating.
The initial tests for floatation and balance where carried out on the hull with all drive and radio equipment fitted - a brief test of the propulsion system revealed a very powerful RC ship which is very fast in the water - I think I will have to make something for it to tow to be able to make use of the available power. A bit of artistic licence has been used to get around a couple of problems and avoid remaking after making a couple of silly mistakes. He made the windshield, and finished the hull in the classic Mahogany racing runabout style.

One of these is the Dina Might, a Belgian-made one-of-a-kind 1:5 scale model of the B-29 Superfortress bomber that memorably was the first of the B-29s that landed at Motoyama Airfield No.
Its weight is 210 kilograms (463 pounds) while its wingspan is 8.9 meters (almost 30 feet). An RC sailplane that might have a wingspan of more than 10 meters could be thought by some people to be the worlds biggest RC plane. This particular model plane is better described as a formidably sized model of the largest plane rather than the worlds biggest RC plane. Giant-scale RC airplanes tend to look like they are aspiring for the title of worlds biggest RC plane just because they are humongous. IMAC competitions are quite similar to IAC competitions, but IMAC pilots fly giant-scale RC planes instead of full-size aerobatic planes. This allows ship modellers to have more opportunities for the exact implementation of fine model detail.
The contents of these works are protected by law, laying down penalties and fines, in addition to compensation corresponding to the damage caused by its interests, against those repeat, plagiarize, provide or communicate publicly, in part or in all, a literary, artistic, scientific or protected by copyright, its adaptations, his interpretations or executions artistic given on any type of support and distributed through any means. Now there are a variety of high quality Giant Scale ARF's for those of us that lack the time or patience to build such a beast from the ground up!
These organizations are the International Miniature Aircraft Association (IMAA), and the International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC). But there are plenty of other events around the country throughout the entire flying season.
However, you can still visit their Facebook Page to socialize with other giant scale airplane fanatics! This includes radio control, control line, and free flight planes ranging from tiny indoor birds to gigantic ships! The fully colored pages throughout shows you crisp images of the mind-boggling detail that goes into spectacular scale airplanes!
If you've never watched a full scale aerobatic airplane in action, you really are missing out. Each year IMAC gets a copy of IAC sequences and tweaks them to make them better suited for RC aircraft. If you don't like building from scratch you can always build from a kit such as the above Top Flite's F4u Corsair kit . After a couple of coats of stain, a selection of 'planks' are given extra coats to give individual coloring to enhance the planked affect. The steel ballast is a compromise on the scale lines of the bottom of the hull but without the additional ballast the ship would have no chance of sailing and would turn over in the lightest of breeze due to the large amount of sail area.
They harken back to a more refined and austere period in our country’s history when we toured the natural world in horse and buggy, carriage and trolley, prop-driven airplanes, and wooden boats. Many sources acknowledge the Dina Might model as the worlds biggest RC plane although it may not yet be found on the Web site of the Guinness Book of World Records. However, RC sailplanes seem to have more in common with gliders than they do with conventionally configured RC planes. Times change, though, and high-quality giant-scale planes that are almost ready to fly have been made available for those who do not have the time or patience to try building the worlds biggest RC plane from scratch.
Throughout each flying season, this organization sponsors many flying events where large-scale RC aircraft are operated in a safe yet informal manner.
The colours of the sails were dark red, or with vertical white and red stripes or white and green or completely black. The class is managed by a Class Owners Association that is part of the International Micro Magic Class. The 1.7 Meter boat has excellent handling, great speed and a very wide range of wind condition capability.
If you were wondering if you could do it or not the answer is of course provided that have adequate plans and instructions. When you find out a handful of tips of the trade the procedure goes quickly enough Model Boat Plans Free . If this was anything other than a boat you may well just use nails or screws to hold everything in place.

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