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Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. First of all … welcome to those who have picked up a flyer from the Vancouver wooden boat show where the S12 Club prototype is making a first public appearance. Reduce the difficulty of rigging the boat – it should be easier than some 10 foot long boats.
Despite being a svelte looking boat the starting point for the structure is a simple box – much like one of my very nice sailing  OzRacer box shaped boats.
The boat has to be rigged and sailed to make sure everything works OK and to get the basic sail design and mast design to co-operate for the gust response we are looking for. Plywood becomes less and less viable as a decent boat building material in the Philippines. There is one Goat Island Skiff that was built in Foam Sandwich though – it does add significant labour.

There is a worldwide market for off-the-shelf composite sheets as that alternative is quite expensive in other countries. We are sure it is strong enough for normal sailing, that it floats, and reboarding after light weather capsizes is possible for healthy men in their mid to late 50s. The reason we are using a high spec spectra for the stays is that wire stays are problematic for worldwide home boatbuilding. Stretch … most people know what that is, but creep is when something changes shape over time. The normal way to overcome stretch and creep for synthetic standing rigging is to choose a bigger size. We also think that because the rig is a simple three stay setup with all stays going to the same point that it is less affected by stretch than, say a boat with spreaders or diamond stays. But the fact is that the plywood becomes more and more difficult to find where we (Michael and I) live, the Philippines.

I more or less grew up with the type of over rotating rig using a winglike (but bendy) mast , so I know how it works.
We, at Tropical Boats in the Philippines, are exploring a variety of natural fibers, bamboo, abaca, sisal combined with fiberglass, carbon and various resins to build panels that take the place of plywood in stitch and glue (or tape up) designs. And that the Amsteel Blue Spectra stays bedded in a bit more (as you can tell by the mast rake … should be a touch further aft.

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