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The LASER sailing dinghy is one of the best one-man sailing dinghies to own; it's suitable for cruising or racing and old Lasers can be cheap. We have many Laser Sailing Dinghies coming on to the website, so please check our classified boat adverts regularly for new adverts added to the website. If your looking for books, charts, navigation, RYA handbooks and RYA manuals to help with your Laser sailing please see: the Sailing Dinghies books section of our online shop. Getting insurance for a boat is very important, as accidents do happen and unfortunately in today's 'blame culture' society someone may come after you personally for the damages if your boat in not insured. Fully comprehensive Laser Sailing Dinghies insurance from Noble Marine is normally the best Laser Sailing Dinghies insurance cover, and cover can be quoted for and bought online.
For Laser Sailing Dinghies Insurance please go to: Noble Marine's Website for an online quote. If you're looking for a second hand Laser mast, boom, sails, centerboard or rudder please see our listings. I will be reviewing all the ones I have sailed and commenting on their sailability, ease of use and feel, but you of course can make your own opinions about them. One of the top single handler sailing boats ever made and also an international class in the Olympics.
The Laser is a one design boat (meaning having altercations to this design will disqualify the boat from any races or regattas) and has a waterline length of around 3.8m.
The Laser has one sail only and can be sailed by one or two people (rare) and is best sailed in higher winds by a fit, moderate weight person (less than 80kg). It is sometimes quite difficult to sail, because of the constant moving forwards, backwards and sideways and so the sailor must be very agile and fit to be competitive in the boat. Tacking and gybing by rolling the boat is also more difficult since the boom rests quite low on the mast, meaning you really have to get your head down and is not the best boat for taller people. Another annoying thing that I found is that it can do sme very odd stuff such as death roll (capsize to windward on a run) and broach (goes up into the wind from a run) much more easily than a standard two person dinghy. Apart from this though, it is very spacious with a large hull compared to smaller Laser Picos and Topaz's. This is a smaller sailboat that was designed by Jo Richards in the mid-1990s, for training and casual sailing.
I have sailed this boat many times at school and it is great fun, but has quite a small sail area and no tell tales, which makes sail trim quite difficult as well as beating. It can be quite fast and is very easy to put back up after a capsize even inverted capsize.
Discover how you can get into the sport of Laser sailing, as we walk you through a step-by-step guide to get you onto the water fast. Even if you have NO experience whatsoever, with this information you can learn the basic techniques that the expert sailors use, so you can get the most out of your Laser Sailing Dinghy!
However if you are serious about getting into the sport of Laser sailing, I have some great news for you. I have been sailing for close to 30 years, and have more recently (over the last 2 years) started sailing a Laser dinghy. So read on, and in no time you will be experiencing what 1000’s of others are experiencing… the enjoyment of sailing a Laser. Best Laser Sailing Gear for 2016The best laser sailing gear can make the difference between an enjoyable day on the water and a not so fun day. Have you thought of strapping a kayak paddle (which can be broken in two) to the mast and using it for paddling home? Also, if the current is not too strong you can make some progress (I suspect about an mile an hour) by standing on the bow an gunnel bobbing – rocking back and forth.
A felhasznaloi elmeny fokozasa erdekeben mar mi is hasznalunk cookie-kat a Network.hu oldalon. If you have any questions that are not covered below, please let us know and we will endeavor to answer them for you.
Alternatively, if you have any tips that you think others may find useful, or questions that you know that people have and you can answer, please feel free to share your knowledge. To determine the age of your laser dinghy, you will first have to check the number embedded in the hull. With the centerboard ready, launch the boat, slide the fin into place and tie off, and set to sail. Laser sailing wardrobe depends on the conditions, season you are sailing, and personal preference. Polarized Sunglasses – The glare of the sun bouncing off the water and your deck will put a lot of strain on your eyes if you do not protect them with sunglasses.

Wetsuit – some prefer full length to protect knees and elbows, while others prefer the shorter varieties that allows more flexibility.
Thermal Pants – Thermal pants are especially useful in cooler conditions providing warmth when wet. Thermal Rash Vest – Acts like the light rash vest but is more appropriate for early spring and late fall when extra warmth is needed. Hiking Pants – Hiking pants (whether short or long) are made of perforated neoprene so it is cool to the skin and does not overheat even on a warmer day. The value of a laser sailboat largely depends on the condition of the boat as well as the “extra” things that come along with it. All Lasers are fabricated to standard specifications controlled by the International Class Association. There are two things to consider when folding a sail – how new the sail is and how much storage space have for it.
Rolling the sail around a boom, pole or tube – If you have plenty of space for storing and you like to preserve the sail in the best condition possible, then this is the best method to use.
Folding the sail to its corners – This is the fold that you use when you are in a hurry or you want to vary your fold so that you do not fold along the same creases. Because the mast does swivel in the hole in the deck, it’s important to make sure that the mast base is free from any sand or dirt, so that it does not wear out the mast step or base of the mast. Make sure you check out my sailing theory section to give you some of the background of the forces that are involved at different angles of sailing. This site is mainly aimed at those starting out, so if you are after more detailed responses, make sure you check out some of the great books going around.
The boat was designed by a Canadian called Bruce Kirby, who wanted to build a dinghy that could be placed on top of a car roof rack.
It was incorporated into the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta as the mens' class and in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, a smaller Laser Radial was created for the womens' class. The mainsheet also has a tendancy to get wrapped around the back of the hull, causing a few minutes of loss of control of the boat.
You should probably do some two person dinghy work or smaller single handler work before taking on the Laser One, simply because it requires someone who knows quite alot about sailing to sail it (no doubt why it is an Olympic class). It may seem odd that this smaller boat is heavier than the Laser One, but the reason is the different materials used in construction for this casual boat and the Olympic class racing boat. There has never been a better time to discover the simple steps to get you out on the water.
Over that time I have spent hours researching, talking to people, reading, and browsing the net to find the best ways to get up to speed in this great sport. It can record the action with the speed required to actually pull viewers into the activity. The reason why we say that is because to obtain each of these items individually would cost more than this 8-in-1 package. Not only does it capture incredible quality video (1080p60) it also snaps 10-megapixel photos as fast as ten frames per second. My problem has been severe weather helm as the wind increases and it seems that increasing the downhaul tension should help this, I do have one further question that I was hoping that you could help me with. I don’t think that the shortening of the centreboard a little would cause the weather helm that you mention. I’ve just bought a laser and am very keen to get out there sailing on Sundays at my local sailing club.
They are quite expensive, so if you are just testing to see whether you will continue with the sport, you can (as you have done) buy a boat without the turbo kit, and always upgrade at a later date. A muhelyek kizarolag a gyarto altal eloirt parameterek pontos betartasaval keszitik e hajokat. It is normally determined by the race committee depending on the weather conditions on race day.
Although the design of the boat is straightforward, Laser sailors and racers face a unique set of challenges that require special physical skills. Lighter colors work best because it protects you when it’s cool and wet, but does not get hot when it’s sunny. Unlike the Laser Standard, the Laser Radial has a smaller sail, and is preferred by many women laser sailors. Things like a roof rack, covers, foil carry bags, and spares all carry a value that is added to the price, as well as the general condition of the deck, hull and sails. Some sailors will put their tell tales just beneath the second batten pocket and another one under the first batten pocket, on the edge of the leech edge, within one foot from the mast pocket and a few feet up from the boom.

After its launch at the New York Boat Show, it rapidly became the ideal one-design boat because of its simplicity and powerful performance.
Instead of using your own boom (which has fittings attached to it and will crease the sail), you can use anything that is long and round but not too heavy or anything that is prone to rusting.
It is also important to not fold the sail along the same lines every time because this will weaken the sail’s fibers and break.
What you think might be the same may not be exactly, which can affect the feel and handling of your dinghy dramatically. Without some of the tips here it could potentially do you more harm than good… meaning you may end up spending more of your hard earned money than you should!
If you have any tips of your own that you would like us to include, please feel free to contact us and tell us about them. When racing your laser, sailing fitness can mean the difference between winning or getting a place, to being at the tail end of the pack. One way is to stand up with one foot on either side of the deck, heel the boat over by loading up one foot, then roll the boat back by loading up the other foot. By installing the new blocks, cleats and control lines in the kit, it provides more purchase and easier access to the lines, making adjustment of the vang, cunningham and outhaul easier. On a broad reach in good conditions, I thought that would have been pretty reasonable to reach that speed.
Moreover, a lot of sailors nowadays assess the length of the race according to the estimated time it takes for the race to be over rather than the actual distance travelled. You have to develop the skill of harnessing the wind to make your boat move across the water. Laser sailing necessitates a high level of fitness so that a sailor is able to withstand the hiking and body-twisting skills vital in sailing, especially when sailing upwind. But just like the Laser Standard, the design is strictly controlled by the International Class Association.
I am looking to buy one – but looking at the pictures of these I see that the goose-neck does not swivel horizontally. How much do you think that this could affect the weather helm and could you tell me the correct length of a centreboard so that I can see how by how much it has been shortened.
As the wind increases, if you start heeling more, this will naturally tend to point the boat up into the breeze, causing the weather helm. I was around 1 mile off shore practicing beats when the tide turned and the wind dropped to nothing (literally nothing). One day it could be a gentle breeze where sailing becomes a quiet commune with nature, the next time it could be a strong gust where your skill in synchronizing your moves with the boat, the wind, and the water is tested.
The only modification difference is the size of the sail as well the lower part of the mast. You need to know how to check or inspect the boat to make sure that your boat is in tip top shape. But if what you want is a second-hand boat, you can go to your local sailing club and ask for referrals. Is it possible that the boat has been designed so that the whole mast swivels in the hull hole???
The picks below contain important information on the exciting sport detailing everything from laser sailing rigging to how to sail a laser dinghy.
Other than that, keep an eye out for any puffs of wind on the water that you may be able to use to your advantage, as well as any approaching motor boats and ask for a tow.
The other, more advanced option, is to tie off the tiller, sheet in the main and quickly run onto the foredeck. Fortunately the wind rolled in and I was able to sail back but I spent a good 20mins I panicking! Whilst holding the mainsheet in one hand and two hands on the mast, you can flop the mast from side to side with your hands and body and generate good speed. Do you know of any techniques to somehow get back in when you’re quite far out (as paddling 1 mile is likely beyond me)?

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