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Review Comment: Live on a small lake with 70 homes and the first night out with the lights installed on my pontoon it became the talk of the weekend. Lights were easy to install, above water level and gave more room backing into a garage , I highly recommend them .
I rebuilt my trailer tail light wiring system by adding guide posts and lights on top of them. Pipe lights not only look good, but easy to install; Just be sure to screw the connections. Everyone loved the look of the lights and the way they could be manipulated in so many different ways.

Arrived in 3 days from order, couldn't ask for better customer service, they answered any questions I had. Would recommend using shrink tubing, as the connections on the trailer are still going to get submerged.
These LED trailer Lights operate the Stop, Turn, Tail, Side Marker, Clearance Marker, Rear Reflector, and Side Marker, and License Plate Light functions all in one great looking and sleek design.
This complete kit gives you two LED oval red Lights, sonicly sealed into a PVC housing. I called and expressed my issue and without even a hassle the company sent me 2 brand new light strips.

LED lights, colored red, are the brightest lights available and are rated to 100,000 hours.
I already had the guide-on pipes on the new trailer so I figure, "why not finish them off" with the LED Light caps and gain visibiliy and safety.

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