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This trip was meant to be a drift fishing trip for snapper, if you know me or have fished with us before you know I like to troll a bit before setting up for the first drift. About midway in the trip, Bob, on a bottom bait with a circle hook I gave him, hooked & landed the prize of the day, a mahi of about 10 pounds.
This trip started out as a drift fishing trip however, turned quickly into a trolling trip. This season is so great due to the ban on the harvesting of the sea weed known as SARGASSUM. The water was green and the sportfishing boats around us were saying that the sailfish bite was slow. The list below includes 240 free or cheap things to do in or near Coconut Creek, Florida, including 82 different types of inexpensive activities like Parks, Children's Play Area, Trampoline Parks and Botanical Gardens. From Tradewinds Park to Windmill Dog Park, there are a variety of budget-friendly attractions in Coconut Creek and in nearby cities within 25 miles like Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Hollywood and Boca Raton. Built in 1924 to be used as part of the city's water supply system, the Alhambra Water Tower is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1910, Coral Gables Merrick House and Gardens, takes visitors on a trip back in South Florida history.
One of the most unique features in Coral Gables, Florida is its outdoor Venetian Pool, a public swimming pool that transports visitors to Venice with its beautiful stonework and landscaping. Featuring a number of amenities available to its guests, Salvadore Park is a city-run park open to the general public.
More than 170 animals find their refuge at McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary, among which there are owls, eagles, lynxes, tigers, and plenty of snakes. Wea€™d love to hear your ideas for budget-friendly things to do or see in the Coconut Creek area. We put the lines in and trolled out to 300 feet of water making our way north to the snapper spot. We set out the inlet and put the trolling lines out with intentions on only trolling out and then to our first spot. Hour long, guided-tours of the house are given every Wednesday and Sunday for history buffs, young and old.
Amenities at the park include a large tennis center with clay courts, playgrounds, and a field to play in. This aquarium houses hundreds of amazing creatures, including sea lions, otters, killer whales, dolphins and sharks.

It is one of the three main cities in South Florida where the population was 99,919 at the 2010 census.
These experienced fishermen offer a variety of outings aboard a spacious and comfortable boat. Along with lessons and both equipment sales and rentals, this business provides paddle boarding tours and fitness programs. We had no luck off the deep end, as we came up on the edge into the dirty water we got our first hit, bonita’s. The last fish to be caught was a peanut dolphin about twenty four inches to the fork, this fish was hooked while an angler was reeling her line in off the bottom. We set out on the troll pushing out to four hundred feet then turning in to head back to the edge. Doug as always buys a half dozen live baits before each trip with the anticipation to hook a nice jumper (sailfish or dolphin).
We learned that the kite fishermen that day had their baits on top, right in the dirty water.
As we made our way towards the reef up off the park and on top of the edge in the dirty green water, we got our first hit just before I was going to tell Rohman (the mate) to take in the lines, BOOM nice dolphin. After the catch and release we set the lines back out, the bait (flying fish) was everywhere. In about two hundred and fifty feet of water I saw a bird hovering and looking down as I looked closer there were splashes under him. We free lined them and the baits swam under the green water where the sailfish were feeding.
After landing the first one I asked everyone if they wanted to try for another on the troll, they agreed.
As we got closer to the curious bird I noticed a long piece of bamboo floating, I quickly turned heading for the floating structure.
The Juno ledge holds a variety of different species, it’s like the popular hang out of fish, with plenty of food, lol.
If on your own boat, fish the conditions, try new things, you might get better results and learn some tricks! Well, the Japanese started harvesting it as a delicacy, killing everything in it including young dolphin.
Truly spectacular) I stayed within a half mile of the first dolphin the entire morning and had a chance at 8 dolphin but boxed 6.

After about three minutes we hooked what we had been trolling for, our first dolphin, a nice fifteen pounder. The dolphin never making it out of the Caribbean or up the coast, making the last couple migrations, weak ones.
The water was a little dirty and there were king’s in the area, so we put a shot of wire on the end of the live bait rods. Setting the lines back out and making another circle, we hooked two more at the same time, a nice bull and cow dolphin, twenty to thirty pounds. On the drift we got into a school of banded rudder fish (lesser amberjack) after boating 4 to 6 of those, keepers (14 to 22 inch slot to the fork), while having quite a few eaten by sharks, pulling up heads (even got one on the jig, so much fun!!) they caught a rainbow runner as well in the mix (poor mans dolphin) the live bait rods came into play.
We could of kept going and had a total of fifty plus fish, but who needs that much fish and I would of felt a little guilty, lol.
The first screaming line off Doug’s spinner, hooked up for about a minute, then slacked, lost him, 1st sail. As long as the wind is blowing out of the easterly direction this week I predict a good bite the week through!!
Not thinking we were going to get into sails I put the wire on for the toothy kingfish, well 9 times out of 10 the sailfish kink the wire and it brakes. A stressful fight for us having to keep the lines from being crossed and keeping the boat in position so the fish doesn’t spit or break the lines.
So we put the baits out without wire and caught a sail, long fight, the fish sounded and stayed at the depths. We jumped off another due to angler error and letting the line go slack (a common error among new anglers). The little girl was starting to feel queasy, so the dad felt it was best to head in before the experience was ruined for his daughter. We arrived back at the dock around nine o’ clock with enough fish to feed everyone, including the dock master!!

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