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We have a trim and efficient organisation of service engineers, supervisors and administrators, as well as fast and reliable communications within our strong network in all major ports.
We carry a range of Parmaris lifejacket accessories in stock so we can usually meet any urgent requirements that you may have.
We stock a range of CE approved Besto foam lifejackets and buoyancy aids for adults, children and even pets.
Super Warm White 2700K Water Resistant LED Strips - 12v, Warm White, Water Resistant, Black Backing, 5 Meter (16.4 ft), Super Bright and Flexible - Endless uses!

Waterproof Flexible LED Ribbon lighting comes in five meter spools and is very thin and flexible compared to traditional linear lighting.
Our Waterproof Flexible LED Ribbon lighting can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as signage, channel letters, backlighting, panel edge lighting, under cabinet lighting, landscapes, fountains & water features, step and stairs, motorcycle and automotive lighting, marine and recreational vehicle, retail and display case lighting, glass art, coaches and limos, home theaters, media rooms and more!
Dyken line of gas freeing products are equipped with a powerful 2 inch inlet and Dyken performance turbine (Anodised Aluminium Casting coated with Epoxy Point). Rugged cast Aluminium suit standard deck opening and different style to suit any possible flange mountings on-board (Light- weight in construction).

All Dyken model are spark resistant and providing high performance and deep penetration airflow.

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