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Sure, his hair may have a little too much product in it for his age, maybe he did wear gloves a few years too long, and of course there’s no getting past the picture above, but you have to admit Zane Schwenk is legend in the sport of wakeboarding, and an all-around great guy. The powers that be tend to agree, which is why they honored him with as a Legend of Wake at the 2008 Wake Awards last fall. Mastercraft sent out a little update on the status of their newest model, the MC 300 and fortunately they decided to include some actual pictures to whet your appetite. Check out our gallery of images below, or visit the official Mastercraft 300 site to learn more.
With boat show season upon us, and boat sales down significantly this year due to the economy, perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that most manufacturers are helping dealers move boats by offering some pretty impressive incentives for boat show shoppers. Compared to years past, where demand outpaced supply, this is definitely a different landscape for those purchasing boats, and for those that have the means, there has never been a better time to buy a new boat.

Read on for a full summary of what’s on the table if you buy a new boat during a 2009 boat show. With his recent investment in Mastercraft Boats, racing Mogul Roger Penske is now a major share holder in the boat builder from Tennessee. The first implementation of this new marketing relationship was Mastercraft signage on the #2 car for the Bristol, TN race on March 13th. Roger Penske has a storied career, achieving success in many motorsports divisions (among other business pursuits), so if his history of winning is any indication, we should expect great things from Mastercraft as this relationship continues to develop and mature. You can read the full details of the partnership between Mastercraft Boats and Roger Penske’s NASCAR team on the Mastercraft Website. System AVD Inc., a Seattle-based design company, has announced the release of the Rusty Malinoski Pro-Model design boat wrap. Yeah, this one has been making the rounds on the interwebs for a while now, but it’s still pretty funny, so why not watch it again?

It’s not every day that you get to see a Mastercraft X1 dangling from a helicopter a few hundred feet above the ground. Ryan: Always remember that you guys in the USA have it better than most as far as gas price is concerned. This means that they did not have to build a lower end factory to construct a lower priced boat. From Malibu and Mastercraft on down to Supra, almost all of the major players are offering free options, cash back, or a combination of the two. It is nice when you can get an insight of a pro wakeboarders passion for the sport and their desire to push riding to the next level.

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