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GOP front-runner Donald Trump is expected to make a campaign stop in Clark County on Saturday, May 7. If you're a homeowner, or even just a lawn mower, you're well aware that spring has sprung. A fishing boat motors south on Lake River on Monday as crews position their equipment for a dredging project. Heavy equipment sits on the water's edge Monday at Lake River as crews prepare for a dredging project.
Crews are well underway on the latest step in cleaning up a contaminated former industrial site on Ridgefield’s waterfront, and are preparing to begin dredging Lake River this month. More than two decades after Pacific Wood Treating went bankrupt and left the property known as Millers’ Landing, Lake River still contains a number of chemical pollutants. The Port of Ridgefield, which owns the 43-acre property, has big plans for long-term development on the site as an extension of the city’s downtown area just beyond the BNSF Railway tracks.

In the meantime, the port is working with the Department of Ecology to finish cleaning what was once considered one of the most contaminated places in the state. Now, crews have closed Division Street and other nearby work areas and brought in equipment to remove the polluted sediment beneath Lake River and clean the water.
Dredging will continue on the site through spring as crews remove pilings and debris, lay clean sand over the dredged areas and restore the shoreline. In all, this latest chapter of the long-running cleanup is estimated to cost upwards of $4.4 million.
Throughout August and September, crews excavated the lake bed, pulling up sediment contaminated with chemical waste and chromium and arsenic, toxic substances known to cause cancer.
In June, the port began digging up soil contaminated with dioxins from the area where a new railroad overpass is under construction.
Pacific Wood Treating operated on the site for nearly three decades, pressure treating telephone poles and railroad ties with chemical preservatives before shutting down in 1993. For more information on selling your present boat, pricing issues, advice about making a purchase of a boat. Crews are preparing to begin a several-months-long dredging project in Ridgefield, where contaminants from an old wood treatment plant still sit in the sediment beneath the river.

The state Department of Ecology declared the land ready to be built upon in October 2013, but the sediment beneath Lake River remains full of creosols, dioxins and pentachlorophenol, a wood preservative known to cause cancer. The project included plans to cover the area with two feet of clean soil, which would lie beneath a new section of Pioneer Street.
Cleanup work began in 1996, and the full extent of the contamination did not become clear until the end of the 1990s. The Port of Ridgefield is preparing to dredge the river this month as part of its long running cleanup at the site of an old wood treatment plant. Last year, the state Department of Ecology deemed Millers' Landing, at the bottom left corner, fit for building after years of cleanup work.

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