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Location: Southern England Renato Levi Wrote three books on the subject of designing Powerboats. Best book currently available on powerboat hydrodynamics is Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Marine Vehicles, by Odd M.
If you are working in Aluminum, go to ABS, Lloyd's, or ISO and get rules for construction of high-speed vessels. Jet boats are tricky, most major water-jet manufacturers have lots of data on what works, talk to the supplier.
A phenomenon known as porpoising can occur if you are not caqrefull of what you are doing on the bottom, particurly in the 6' infront of the transom. Make the delta pad on the bottom nice and long, no-one says that the boat needs a 'keel', where the bottom sheets meet to form the vee. Look at other jet boat manufacturers and what they do, we spend many hours making sure we get it right so we can sell a safe and well performing product. As has been said the key is power to weight and planing area in both laden and light conditions. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Our Rainmaster® style doors give your truck body a weather-tight seal that can't be beat!
Notice the rugged rain-gutter design surrounds the box opening and actually channels water away before it makes contact with the Trim-lok™ automotive style weather stripping. Used to build our line of PAVATI™ pro-series boats, marine grade aluminum is also used to make these truck bodies the toughest and lightest bodies you will find.
Light Weight Saves Fuel - Saves Wear and Tear on your Vehicle.Give you more payload capacity . Reason #9 Field-Tested Locks - The same rugged locks and hinges our legendary semi truck tool boxes are know for. One of the most over-looked and under-estimated parts of a truck body is the hinge and the way it's fastened. As you can see, Highway Products eliminated this problem by using oversized stainless steel hinges. Plus, Highway Products uses Stainless Steel Torx™ screws that allows user to replace a door with simple tools in case of damage. If you've ever had custom made cabinets in your kitchen at home, you know how nice it is to have the drawers the right size, in the right place, shelves spaced to hold your dishes where you want them, knives and forks at your fingertips, and you get to choose the wood, the drawer slides, colors, handles, etc. Think about this for a minute: The tools you use the most should be at waist level for the easiest access, right? Reason #19 - This customer couldn't find the truck body he wanted so we built one just for him to his specs.
Reason #20 This all aluminum truck body was set up for garage door service and installation.
Reason #22 This service body has a full tailgate that when opened, makes for a nice table for lay-out plans. Reason #27 Finding a spot to put your spare tire is sometimes a problem with service bodies.
Reason #28 Headache racks strong enough to carry as many caution lights, flags, or overload signs as you want.
Reason #30  After hours Sales Staff - We recognize that not all of our customers are able to talk business from 9-5. Plus, we do it 7 days a week with after hours Sales Staff waiting to talk about your service body. As you may have noticed, we're big on drawers because they allow you to take advantage of more space and give you more organization. This all aluminum Highway Products service body came powder-coated and was equipped with our lumber rack and a 2000XT Roller Coaster™. Highway Products builds units to make you proud of what you do while giving you top notch equipment to work with. We carried over the Heavy Gauge® toughness of our Semi Truck tool boxes and accessories roots as a foundation for all our products. The Zumwalt-class destroyers are a planned class of United States Navy destroyers, designed as multi-mission ships with a focus on land attack. The lead ship will be named Zumwalt for Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, and carries the hull number DDG-1000. Many of the features were developed under the DD21 program ("21st Century Destroyer"), which was originally designed around the Vertical Gun for Advanced Ships (VGAS, see below).
A 26 January 2009 memo from John Young, the US DoD's top acquisition official, stated that the per ship price for the Zumwalt-class destroyers had reached $5.964 billion, 81 percent over the Navy's original estimate used in proposing the program. On 6 April 2009, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced that DoD's proposed 2010 budget will end the DDG-1000 program at a maximum of three ships.[22] Also in April, the Pentagon awarded a fixed-price contract with General Dynamics to build the three destroyers, replacing a cost-plus-fee contract that had been awarded to Northrop Grumman. Representatives from Naval Sea Systems Command and Bath Iron Works sign a construction contract at the Pentagon, February 2008.

In late 2005, the program entered the detailed design and integration phase, for which Raytheon is the Mission Systems Integrator. In April 2006, the navy announced plans to name the first ship of the class Zumwalt after former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Elmo R. On 16 April 2012, the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that DDG-1002 will be named for former naval officer and U.S. There is an active civilian campaign to persuade the Secretary of the Navy to name one of the class the USS Robert A. Despite being 40% larger than an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer the radar signature is more akin to a fishing boat and sound levels are compared to the Los Angeles-class submarines.
A return to a hull form not seen since the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, the Zumwalt-class destroyer reintroduces the tumblehome hull form. The Advanced Gun System is a 155 mm naval gun, two of which would be installed in each ship. The Peripheral Vertical Launch System is an attempt to reclaim the prized center space of the hull while increasing the safety of the ship from the loss of the entire missile battery and the loss of the ship in the case of a magazine explosion. Two spots will be available on a large aviation deck while boat handling is to be dealt within a stern mounted boat hangar with ramp.
A dual-band sonar controlled by a highly automated computer system will be used to detect mines and submarines. Zumwalt will have Converteam's Advanced Induction Motors (AIM), rather than DRS Technologies' Permanent Magnet-Synchronous Motors (PMM). The Integrated Power System (IPS) is, in some ways, similar to the old turbo-electric drive, the addition of PMMs and integration of all electrical power systems gives ten times the power available on current destroyers. Water spray or mist systems are proposed for deployment in the Zumwalt-class destroyer but the electronic spaces remains problematic to the designers.
Lawmakers and others have questioned whether the Zumwalt class costs too much and whether it provides the capabilities the U.S.
The National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2007 (Report of the Committee On Armed Services House of Representatives On H.R. The study that showed a cost benefit to building Flight III Arleigh Burke-class destroyer with enhanced radars instead of adding BMD to the Zumwalt-class destroyers assumed very limited changes from the Flight II to the Flight III Burkes. In summary, the committee is concerned that the navy has foregone the long range fire support capability of the battleship, has given little cause for optimism with regard to meeting near-term developmental objectives, and appears unrealistic in planning to support expeditionary warfare in the mid-term. A controversial point of the DD(X) destroyer(s) is their planned naval surface fire support (NSFS) role. While smaller caliber guns (and missiles) have been used for centuries in naval fire support, very large guns have special capabilities beyond that of mid-range calibers.
In March 2006, the Iowa and Wisconsin were struck from the Naval Vessel Register, having been kept on in part to fill a naval fire support role.
The merc sj175 does offer a reasonable amount of thrust, but the downside is that in their infinate wisdom, Mercury put the exhaust from the engine in the cavity between the hull and jet unit. I tend to think of those that do as 'old school', and perhaps we should scrap the shuttle and fly the appollo missions again. As in aerospace, the trailing edges create a vortex, much like the tips of a wing, only in water that usually means that air is bled off, if that air makes it to the intake the pump will cavitate causing loss of thrust. Depending on your truck, we figure, conservatively, you will save at least .20 cents a mile being 600 to 1000 pounds lighter with a Highway Products aluminum service body.
Because you had a choice, your kitchen is the most efficient and maybe the nicest part of your home. Comes in 2000# or an incredible 4000# capacity for super duty, and has locking positions every 10 inches for safety. The outside frame is a one-piece extruded aluminum T6 channel that may also save your life in a roll-over. Our engineering staff put his ideas on our CAD software and sent them back to him via FAX, .pdf, or paper, for his approval.
You can add drawers later but once you get your truck, you're so busy working you'll just put it off.
The class is a scaled-back project that emerged after funding cuts to the larger DD-21 vessel program. The class is designed to require a smaller crew and be less expensive to operate than comparable warships. In 2001, Congress cut the DD-21 program by half as part of the SC21 program; to save it, the acquisition program was renamed as DD(X) and heavily reworked. That number was reduced to 24, then to 7, due to the high cost of new and experimental technologies.[9] On 23 November 2005, the Defense Acquisition Board approved a plan for simultaneous construction of the first two ships at Northrop’s Ingalls yard in Pascagoula, Mississippi and General Dynamics’ Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine.
Navy acquisition officials told Congress that the service needed to purchase more Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, and no longer needs the next-generation DDG-1000 class,[15] Only the two approved destroyers would be built. Both Northrop Grumman Ship Systems and General Dynamics Bath Iron Works share dual-lead for the hull, mechanical, and electrical detailed design.
The tumblehome hull reduces radar return and the composite material deckhouse also has a low radar return.

The system scatters pods of VLS around the outer shell of the ship having a thin steel outer shell and a thick inner shell.
Raytheon’s X-band, active-array SPY-3 Multi-Function Radar (MFR) offers superior medium to high altitude performance over other radar bands, and its pencil beams give it an excellent ability to focus in on targets.
An alternate twin pod arrangement was rejected as the ramifications of pod drives would require too much development and validation cost to the vessel. However costs for the Flight III Burkes have increased rapidly "as the possible requirements and expectations continue to grow."[69] While the Flight III design and costs have been studied by the Navy, there is very little reliable data available on what the cost would be to modify a DDG 1000-class ship to provide a BMD capability. The committee views the navy's strategy for providing naval surface fire support as 'high risk', and will continue to monitor progress accordingly. The original DD21 and the Arsenal Ship had more serious NSFS capabilities, which would meet a Congress-mandated requirement related to the Iowa-class battleships. However, Congress was "deeply concerned" over the loss of naval surface gunfire support they could provide and noted that "navy efforts to improve upon, much less replace, this capability have been highly problematic",[76] The U.S.
As I remember, they are nigh impossible to get hold of (you may have to order directly if you can find the website) but they are well worth reading. If you have a 'rocker' the boat will bounce around, or porpoise, if it has a hook it will bow steer badly, possibly causing the boat to spin in a turn.
Look at not only straight line performance, but also where any vorticied will end up in a tight turn (if you terminate your strakes ahead of the intake), if the unit cavitates during a turn and you loose thruse, a real nice jet spin often occurs, sometimes at an inconvient moment!!!
An all aluminum sliding cargo tray keeps the weight down with a galvanized cold rolled steel track system for durability.
Most of the time, you'll get a preliminary print the next day to see on paper what you'll get. It will have a wave-piercing tumblehome hull form whose sides slope inward above the waterline. The bow is designed to cut through waves rather than ride over them.[37][42] As mentioned above, the stability of this hull form in high sea states has caused debate among naval architects.
The design of the PVLS would direct the force of the explosion outward rather than ripping the ship in half. SPY-3 will be the primary DBR radar used for missile engagements.[49] On 2 June 2010 Pentagon acquisition chief Ashton Carter announced that they will be removing the SPY-4 S-band Volume Search Radar from the DDG 1000's dual-band radar. The PMM is considered to be another technology leap and is the cause of some concern (along with the radar system) from Congress.[37] As part of the design phase, Northrop Grumman had built the world's largest permanent magnet motor, designed and fabricated by DRS Technologies. The committee is concerned that the Navy is attempting to insert too much capability into a single platform. Since the Aegis system has been the navy's chief combat system for the past 30 years when the navy started a BMD program, the combat system it was tested on was the Aegis combat system. The requirement was eventually relaxed, the battleships stricken from the registry, and the navy left with small tonnage ships for NSFS or alternative methods such as air support. Then you can figure the cost difference between the two in fuel mileage, tire cost, and tire mileage.
Our service bodies are welded Aluminum which is hands down tougher and 20-30% lighter than fiberglass! The class is multi-role and designed for surface warfare, anti-aircraft, and naval fire support. This will reduce the radar cross-section, returning much less energy than a more hard-angled hull form. The new radar is believed to be the Air Missile Defense Radar (AMDR), a system in early development.[50] The AMDR will provide multi-mission capabilities, supporting both long range, exoatmospheric detection, tracking and discrimination of ballistic missiles, as well as Area and Self Defense against air and surface threats. This proposal was dropped when the PMM motor failed to demonstrate that it was ready to be installed in time. As a result, the DD(X) is now expected to displace over 14,000 tons and by the Navy’s estimate, cost almost $3.3 billion each. We made a few more design changes, he signs off on the print, we start to work with a plan. They take the place of battleships in filling the former congressional mandate for naval fire support,[4] though the requirement was reduced to allow them to fill this role. Almost every major defense contractor (including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, L-3 Communications) and subcontractors from nearly every state in the U.S. For the Ballistic Missile Detection capability, increased radar sensitivity and bandwidth over the current SPY system is needed to detect, track and support the SPY-3's engagements of advanced ballistic missile threats at the required ranges. Originally, the Navy proposed building 32 next generation destroyers, reduced that to 24, then finally to 7 in order to make the program affordable. And in view of recent intelligence that China is developing targetable anti-ship ballistic missiles based on the DF-21,[64][65] this could be a fatal flaw. Composite (fiberglass) manufacturers brag about their light weight, but compare themselves with steel service bodies.

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