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Location: Muscatine, Iowa 2 person pontoon boat i am wanting to build a small pontoon boat, and i have never built a boat before or fiberglassed anything, but i do have construction skills i have built many things just none that float and my stuff is usually built from steel. The dory was made from ? inch marine grade (okume) plywood with 1X2 sheer clamps, and it is a very strong, rigid boat. The 8 foot scow was made from underlayment with 1X1 sheer clamps and it is strong and rigid. The point being, you can make a nice rigid structure from plywood, and you can make a poor one. Using your pontoons, if they are 16 inches square, for each inch of length, they displace 16 X 16 inches, or 256 cubic inches. Also, it would be very easy to make the bows in a curve instead of the abrupt 45 degree angle. With what you're doing you can do small areas at a time and come back, sand down the edges and do a little more, it won't effect the final outcome. Location: Muscatine, Iowa Sam thanks for all the info i really appreciate it.

Location: Coastal Georgia I haven't been involved with fiberglass for awhile, some one else could tell you particulars. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
If you're a bass or freshwater sport angler like me, you know the key if often getting way back into those shallow grassy coves where the lunkers lay in wait. The Pelican boats tri-keeled hull seen in the mini-pontoons ensures excellent tracking and minimizes sideslipping, while their beam gives freeboard deck, stability and maximum carrying capacity. Please review your purchase carefully and make sure it meets your needs before purchasing and authorizing shipment. If you came straight down, or with a slight angle for a few inches and then started the curve, it would look a little less boxy. What your trying to get is waterproofing and some abrasion resistance and durability against weathering of the plywood.
Plus, these guys are light weight, tough as nails, easy to transport in a pickup or on a car top and have a shallow draft.

It is known for its high impact-resistance, its ability to regain its initial shape after a violent impact and its UV-protected exterior finish. I just wanted to make clear to you that with the boat, the passengers and gear all weighing 1100 pounds, your pontoons will only be about 8" deep in the water.
The boat is powered by a 2.0 RL Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motor which equivalent to a 6 HP Gas Outboard Motor. Put one on a flat piece of scrap ply, wet it out and use a plastic auto body filler squeegee to work out the bubbles.
You'll get a good idea of what you have to do and how long you have to do it and what the results will be. Try overlapping one that's already set up and you'll see what problems arise and what you can do about it.

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