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The Sprint F3 is the product of several years of design testing and development to create a highly competitive, race ready Tunnel Hull that does not require building yourself. What is the perfect prop to use on the f3 sprint with its stock setup running 90a esc and 3s Lipo ?
I don't know where are you from guys but here in Europe the Eco class models are very popular. Accurate Metalworks Marine offers many custom marine repair services including steel, fiberglass, and aluminum boat hull repair and transom repair. Accurate innovates in fiberglass boat hull repair on yachts, powerboats, sailboats, catamarans, cruisers, bass boats, ski boats, pontoon boats, deck boats, runabouts, cabin boats, ships, fishing boats, bowriders, airboats, motorboats, trawlers, speedboats, or inflatables.
We routinely use and make repairs to Epoxy, Polyester, and Vinyl-ester boat hulls either here in our shop, or at your docking location or shipyard.
Boat Repair is your local Edmonton and area source for gelcoat and fiberglass repair for boats and personal watercraft. We also can help with jet ski repairs, boat fiberglass repair, and marine diesel repairs. The innovative outboard motor setup is powered by a high-torque brushless outrunner motor connected to a direct drive flex shaft which powers the prop.The fiberglass work is top notch, making for a smooth finish without flaws. Boat is equipped with a 4HP Johnson motor which has always been stored indoors and rarely used. This is the hull only, so you will need to finish it with your own hardware and electronics. We work out of our shop in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, or come to you with our mobile aluminum welding and hull repair trailer.
Our methods and procedures for restructuring and reinforcing the fiberglass hull are unmatched. During our repair work, we reinforce with core material, glass and fare so your fiberglass repair is stronger than new. Most steel hull repairs are needed after an impact or a rust hole has opened under the water line.
The paint and decals have been expertly applied along with a final glossy clear coat to seal the surface.

Like most other ECO hulls, it features an in-built flood chamber to self-right your boat if it happens to flip over while running. Dont you know that an eco boat has the motor front mounted, the streight prop shaft exits at an angle underneath and the rudder is just a streight post and blade out the bottom towards the rear of the hull. To yacht quality standards, we routinely fix hulls with hurricane or storm damage, and patch & repair aluminum hulls. Accurate will fix your steel boat, yacht, or ship utilizing innovation in design, longevity, and desirable seaworthy materials. From pitting, scalloping, pimpling, rust or corrosion, to the most difficult sagging or hogging, we fix your hull the right way.
Let us give your premium machine that awesome look again so it's the nicest ride on the water ! Miller's Landing is celebrating 60 years as the number one boat dealer in Southern California. The color scheme is bright, sharp and highly detailed.Performance is really what the Sprint F3 is all about. If you have got it to go twice as fast in this state just think how fast it would go if you built it correct in the first place !? V-hulls and Hydros are fun but there is not much of challenge to balance them and make them run fast. Initially, we remove damaged or corroded aluminum plates, build a precise template, cut new aluminum plates, bend as needed, replace and tack fit, then weld to U.S. We have the expertise to recommend alternative applications to common and unique challenges with your steel hull.
Our company offers boat hull repairs in and around Jupiter, Tequesta, Hobe Sound, Jupiter Farms, Juno, Palm Beach Gardens, Singer Island, North Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, West Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, and Palm Beach Shores.
The pre-installed 3000KV brushless outrunner motor provides huge amounts of power to the prop. I have included a photo of what shaft should be fitted for anyone else who wants to build one correctly!! Furthermore, we offer you the convenience of sourcing your entire hull repair to one company.

Water cooling is pre-installed.A battery mounting plate is pre-installed as well as a servo mount. They are fast agile water-rockets.Be brave, get Yourselve one, and You'll have a lot of fun bouncing this through the waves.
Have upgraded to a Turnigy Typhoon 3450 running twin 5800 Nano tech packs for a total of 4S to the motor.
Batteries need to be as far forward as possible and drive needs to be trimmed so it is slightly down. Remove the drive shaft and grease after every run, also add a few drops of oil to the oil fitting as this keeps the strut bushing lubricated. Just bought a monohull, 22,5" (57cm) using the same floating tank tecnology, just want to see how and if it works. The same seller also offers cheeper versions with less gismos installed, down to the bare hull, which comes in for almost the same pricing as the "pregnant stingray" but free shipping - check it out, You know where!
If you are still worried hit it with CorrosionX crazycarmaniac or replace with ceramics for a performance boost and completly rust proof Register or login to reply to this message. I've upgraded to the turnigy hk 2865 -2900kv on 4s w 160A aquastar spinning a 335-3 prop. I will try out this boat just to see if the flood chamber actually works sfactor1 worked great on the titanic! Unidentified Floating (hopefully) Object T6Texanaus Looks more like the hull mythbusters used for the first surface traversing torpedo *) ozboat Hobbyking Hope we get the hardware for the hull soon or perhaps an ARTR version of the boat.Thanks sfactor1 please dont bring up the iq depleting children's show, "mythbusters" ozboat The hull is similar to the Manta Ray bty Graupner and one of the eco hull made by Hydromarine. Looks like a winner Zefirek beautiful, feisty, elaborate, pretty *-) Mieciu zefirek - to moze tym wystartujesz? There is Stability due to Structure of the hull, and stability due to Ballast, what You put into the ship (Freighter). I'll check all bullit-connector solder points.) Register or login to reply to this message.

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