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1 match found: NOS Nissan M-258-B Outboard Boat Remote Control Box Par Pro Fiberglass Formula 1 Brushless Electric Hornet F1 Rc Boat W Outboard Motor. Sizing a model boat motor seems to be one of the most difficult parts of building a radio controlled model boat.
The method I use, calculates the power requirement from a full size boat of comparable design.
For the sake of this exercise, let's pick the mid-war version at Three Packard V-12s at 1,500HP each.
Artesania Latina apparently didn't provide any help whether it being a suggested model boat motor size or any hint as to how the original boat was powered.Given we have nothing to go by, this method is not as precise as if you have the original motor spec. If your boat is too big for the motors offered by Graupner, you may have to resort to what I call "the Robot Wars Territory". Surplus Mabuchi RE-280 to the left and Aristo-Craft RE-280 with a simple motor mount to the right.
For the prototype RC Cabin Cruiser I built, I ended up making the motor mount from scratch. Proper alignment between the motor and propeller shaft is paramount in model boat building.
The purpose of the compliant coupling is to relieve the motor from strain and side loads due to misalignment. The reason I like rubber bands for small motors is that they have high friction against the motor can and prevent the motor from twisting. Compare Prices on Outboard motors rc boats Robotic Radio Control Toys top brands such Join the Toy Boat and Toy Outboard Motor Yahoo!
In fact, most entry level boats don't even use these kinds of RC boat outboard moto I am working on an older C-C model that requires a outboard.
By measuring the drag the model experiences at different speeds, and factoring in the scale of the model, a relationship can be established between power and speed.It has long been established that the relationship between the full size power need of a vessel, and its scaled down model is the scale factor cubed.

These boats were built by Elco and had successively larger engines as the war progressed, and the boats got heavier and heavier. However, I think we have a good shot at finding the exact motor size needed without any additional iterations.In this case I went to a book called "100 Boat Designs Reviewed". The working point of the motor will be more favorable.The most notable difference with a gear box is that the motor efficiency will be much closer to optimal. Some of the best value for money are replacement motors for brand name cordless drills, such as DeWalt, Makita and the likes. I've seen everything from a glob of hot-melt glue to slick and colorful anodized aluminum brackets to hold that power plant.Personally, I've always been in favor of a simple solution that gets the job done. Most RC boats have a direct-drive where the motor face is pointing down towards the bilge at a shallow angle.
If I had to do it over again, I'd get the Aristo-Craft motor with the simple, but perfectly adequate motor mount included. No motor installation is perfect, so the misalignment that does occur should be kept to a minimum.A model boat with a misaligned motor will suffer unnecessary power loss and shorted life of the motor and coupling.
The simple answer is, we don't.For a scale model boat it's highly impractical to convert a speed from one scale to another, and try and size a power train to fit that number.
As a result the motor will run cooler and wear less, leading to a longer motor life.The gear ratio needed depend on the properties of the motor and the type of propeller, pitch and diameter.
It comes geared and with double ball bearings on the output shaft.The output shaft is a threaded M3 shaft.
It makes it very difficult to access the screws and almost impossible to see what you're doing if you need to remove or reattach the motor.
Too many builders believe that because a compliant coupling is used having an angle between the two shafts is OK.
Compliance helps dampen shock loads and is very resilient to vibrations compared to a more positive type of mounting.

Retailer and distributor of Radio Control Hobby Planes The large 1:10 scale Hornet Racing Boat has a stunning tunnelhull design and runs a large 540 outboard motor. I don't even know how to do that.Instead, it is better, and a whole lot easier, to aim for the model having the same appearance on the water as the full size boat or ship. The specified power on the full size engines is in mechanical Horse Powers on the motor output shaft.I can almost guarantee that the full size power train is more efficient than that on my model. They make extremely powerful model boat motors of up to 2HP.One thing to be aware of though.
A flexible prop shaft emerges out of the back of RC boat outboard motors which ensures that the functionality of the motor engine itself as well as the entire RC boat to create an outboard motor or a jet drive system — popular on some racing models.
It is rated at 35 to 75W.If the 500 motor was selected, the boat would have much more head-room, but may run the risk of having too much power. There is some testing required here.Graupner makes a range of nice motors, gear motors and accessories, but are a bit pricey in my opinion. The more extreme performance of the motor, the more likely it is designed with a timing angle in the commutator.
This may sound hokey, but that is essentially how scale speed is defined.To get there, it is best to start with the power rating of the full size vessel and recalculate the power to the reduced scale. So either live with the fact that your boat will be a little slower, or add a factor of safety of about 25 to 50%.To select motors, we have to decide if we're going to use a single or multiple motor set-up and divide the total power with the number of motors used. If the GWS motors are too small for your model boat, the Graupner model boat motor line are your next best option, in my opinion.

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