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Details for each dive site can be found in the Dive Sites section - Scapa Flow, Dorset, Devon and Egypt. Have a look at our dive clips - the Kyarra, El Mina, Thistlegorm, Stoney Cove, Chepstow, Milton Keynes and others. Fancy diving with this "cash register?" - the first real dive computer - learn more about their history and how they work. I’d gone to this year’s ModelKraft 2011 at Milton Keynes with a view to spending nothing on new kits.
Regular SMN readers may recall that I have already built the Revell 1:72nd scale Gato, which I really enjoyed except for the logistics of both handling and storing the beast. As their name would suggest, AFV Club is primarily an armour model manufacturer from China. I’ll use the same references as I did for the Revell kit ,so I would suggest you refer to that build which you should find helpful.
Instructions are clear and simple as is the kit and are fit for purpose, at least on first sight and without building the model. It’s nice to see a small brass etch set included, which provides the stanchions and rails plus the prop guard. It looks an excellent replica, with it possessing the sharp lines so clearly a Gato class submarine.

The main hull is in two parts and so you can build it as a waterline or full hull model. In the case of the latter, a nice stand is provided.
I am looking forward to a Weekend Warrior on this one, with most of that time being spent on painting and working out the rigging! Mine is the space black watch model with the larger 42mm screen and has the Sapphire Crystal Retina Display which means it's virtually scratch proof. My friends got one of these and absolutely swears by it, so much so that he doesn't even wear his ?2000 omega anymore.
Will be going on eBay soon looking for ?450, so after their fees I'll end up with about ?410, so anyone interested at ?400 including postage? Yep, same reason I haven't bought an apple watch as I like to change watch every couple days.. But, within ten minutes of arriving, I saw this little gem sitting on the shelf of a well-known model shop stand.
But, it’s such a great looking boat I couldn’t resist this version and, as it’s my current scale as well, it was sold! But a quick scan of SMN show that they have also made some fabulous aircraft, with their F5-E range being some of the best models in 1:48th on the market. Both the stanchions and rails are too two-dimensional for me, so I will replace with brass rod and nylon thread.

It has the exposed masts and periscopes of earlier Gato subs, so it will limit your build options. You can see the relative size of the boat against the hull of the USS Hornet, but even so it’s the size of a Fletcher Class Destroyer! Let’s hope I do it justice! Interestingly, but oddly, in a very Chinese approach, the internal ballast tank is included in the kit but will be invisible once built. It has all that one needs for a superlative build – the challenge being the scale thickness of some parts  making detailing and especially rigging difficult. Went to the Apple Shop with the family as my daughter had cracked the display on her Iphone 6.
Alongside it was the 1942 version of the same kit which ostensibly is the same but with a different colour scheme.
The prop guards are excellent, albeit these were mostly removed from operational boats as they made too much noise!

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