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Some of my customers are so happy with their landyachts that they are sending photos which I would like to share with you.
It seems that there were many with the life size ice boats and no other models out on the ice, but I had a good time.The ice had some spots that had thin ice of like 2 inches ice, then 2 inches water beneath, then the 18 inches beneath that, before down to lake water to the bottom. The individual does not have to be concerned about cost, ease of assembly, packaging and shipping.
Anybody can make a 6-foot wing mast, but try to ship it in a 6-foot box overseas, I can almost assure you, the recipient will send you a picture of the damaged kit.
As usual all my kits feature laser cut deck and frame, injection molded front wheel fork, dual shielded ball bearings on all three wheels and a vacuum formed clear plastic hull.

The 2-section mast is made of a triple carbon fiber tube, which allows little bend and is extremely light. The front springer and rear plank are weight tuned and just about all components are non-corrosive, for the pilots who have to run their boats on beaches. Considering all the above and on top of it being very happy with the performance of the boat, I can now with good conscience present it to the model world. This mean that with the boots I was wearing I was not going to get my feet wet, the thin surface ice would become davits if more than the weight of the model S2 or maybe myself were upon those spots.This meant many of the life size ice boater may have not run much or at all to protect there ice boats.
The frame can be split in half and all this almost 6 foot tall Model will fit into a 4 x 4 x 48" box, which allows me to keep the shipping costs low even into foreign countries.

The model S2 though could skim over without breaking though the sandwiched parts and further the top free of snow and very smooth, I had probably from noon til sunset there. Extensive testing also showed that the typical hard foam wheels used in the smaller models are not good enough.

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