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My first suggestion is that a powerful motor would be required to act as a brake in emergencies! We are only thinking out loud at the moment, but we ought to heed what these experienced builders have to say and take their advice?
Its fairly easy to build in a competitive edge at the design stage by choosing lightweight materials and trimming weight by adopting an airframe style of construction. But I presume that the chaps who race the 4ft versions must have some kind of rules regarding construction so this needs looking into first.
Distributors of Model Boats for our overseas readersClick here to see the contact details of our overseas distributors. Useful information published by the MPBA for anyone running an event or just interested in the legal position. We welcome well written contributions from Website members on almost any aspect of Model Boating with a particular emphasis on practical hints, tips, experience and builds. In order to maintain a consistent standard and format, all suggestions should first be sent to me by Personal Message for approval in principle. A model of a Pilot Cutter following restoration by Nigel James on behalf of the owner seen here during a shakedown cruise in rather strong winds.
The Bluenose was a famous Grand Banks Fishing Vessel; The photos actually show two models constructed by Reg Radley who prefers to refer to them as "Grand Banks Schooners". The largest of the surviving Bristol Pilot Cutters "Mascotte" was built in 1904 and now cruises off NW Scotland; Allan Read's model was built from plans on a fibreglass hull. Grand Banks schooner, the present photos show her maiden voyage when she proved over-canvassed for the strenthening wind!
The story was fuelled by John Welsford the well known New Zealand designer of small boats who sent details to Duckworks Publisher, Chuck Leinweber who because of the model sailing boat content passed it onto me.

I include this item of a boat that is no more, one that was built up and sailed by friend Phillip Artweger in Klatovy in the Czech Republic some years back in earlier years of his ship modeling.
It was I suppose you would say, a `kit cutter’ and after he had built it and improved things here and there, he produced these lovely photos, after which only to scrap the boat because it leaked badly.
Seventeen years ago in 1994 while on a visit to England I came down one Saturday from Bournemouth by train to spend what would be left of the weekend in London on pre-arrangement with a gentleman called Mike Taylor.
There I met the delightful Tony Lench who had brought his spritsail barge Kate along and I spent an enjoyable few hours watching nine or ten model sailing barges being leisurely sailed. After Mike dropped me back to Waterloo Station I was never to again see either either him or Tony though we kept in touch and both subscribed to my Windling World model sailing magazine, Tony right through until the closure and then we lost touch. I learned in May this year that both Mike Taylor and Tony Lench had passed away, the former about four years ago, the latter within the last few months. We meet people, we become good friends with some through a mutual interest and then we leave the world when our time is up. He was ten miles offshore and in the first photograph arriving from Uraguay, in the third photograph departing  for La Rochelleand the finish. The Preussen  was a five-masted steel-hulled windjammer 132m in hull length built in 1902 in Germany that was in her short life to become a veteran of 13 round trips to Chile. The photos (Source: The State Library of Victoria) now out of copyright) above shows the vessel surrounded by tugs who were however unable to move her, and the wreck on occasions of very low tides is often visible from the Dover cliffs. He tells me that the colour of brown is the colour of an old leaf and the colour green means `young people’.
Thames Sailing Barge Trust (Formerly the Thames Barge Sailing Club) which at one time owned several of the barges. Only a very limited amount of time is available for editing contributions into a suitable format for placing on the website so it is important that the material is well presented, lucid and free from obvious spelling errors.

It is an opportunity for Website Members to freely share their  expertise and experience but I am afraid that virtue is its own reward as there is no budget to offer more material recompense! The model is contemporary to the original being 130 years old and built as a pond yacht by David's great-grandfather. When the time came and they had to sell the boat, Frank had turned to ship modeling and had built an RC model of their beloved Ddraigg  which leads me into his model ship activities, and one or two other boats that he went on to create. It was to be a sort of Thames Sailing barge weekend with opportunity for me to see real surviving barges as well as attend a put-together period of model barge sailing by members of the Scale Sail Association on a small pond at Southgate eleven miles from Central London. It was a cold day that followed a cold Saturday night spent at Mike and his wife’s home, the bed surrounded by model barges and other ship model remnants. That is `life’ with death the method that ends it, in the process severing friendship with friends. It is basic, the hull made of plywood, the  curvatures done out of cardboard, and the sail is a painted rice bag. I think it goes without saying that contributions should be illustrated by appropriate photos.
I also had arrived in London with a shocking cold which added to my discomfort, further fuelled by cigarette smoke from the chain-smoking Taylor. This item recalls two friends of mine met on two successive days, and I am all the richer for the experience of having spent albeit brief time in their delightful company. It is Hien’s first step towards building a boat that he can sail in and this model is controlled by a long cord.

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