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The Department of Labor and Employment announced that even without a college degrees, Filipino job-seekers can now work on board world-renowned international cruise ships as they announced at least 47,000 overseas job vacancies. The announcement of job vacancies were made through Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz in a news report posted by ABS-CBN News. DOLE revealed that the cruise ships prefer those with working experience in hotels, casinos and spas, as well as in the fields of beauty and health, information and technology and security. The 47,000 job vacancies overseas are open for Filipino seafarers and other others seeking to work aboard international cruise ships. Cruise ships hire entertainment and service crew to cater to the needs of passengers, she added. According to DOLE, the salary range for service-oriented jobs like waiters is $1800-$2,400 a month and $2,800-$4,800 for hair stylists.
An interesting article over on IGN PC reveals some more information about the upcoming EVE Online expansion, Dominion. I haven’t engage in any territorial warfare (yet) but CCP have said that they want to simplify the way space is claimed. Dominion will also see the introduction of a new feature called COSMOS, CPP’s equivilent to Facebook for your EVE characters and corporations. Some other news which also sounds exciting is the decision that CCP eventually want to offer more and more interaction between online services outside of the game and your character inside. This means big fleet battles in 0,0 are often a matter of everyone hiding in stations and not coming out. It was an interesting superweapon about a year ago but now titans need a different role to being fleet-killers. If the DD becomes some sort of 1-shot death star laser capable of taking out a dread or a mom then titans will still have an offensive role, just not one that nukes entire fleets anymore. Most of the faction ship changes look good too, so I’m pretty excited about the news and look forward to more as it comes out. Thing is (I don’t know much about it all so this is just a guess) that Titans may end up being kinda pointless if all they can do is take out another large ship. I like the idea of the bomber but I hope it is a frigate class ship piloted by human and not a carrier drone. A blog about MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft, Everquest and EVE Online, and the occasional other random bits of geekery. Everquest 2 Extended - A Deceptive Rip-Off - 219 commentsZombie MMORPG - 181 commentsIs It OK To Play A Character Of The Opposite Sex? Scale models are miniature replicas of machines, people, animals or even historical places or events. Today most scale models are injection-molded in polystyrene plastic, and the parts are glued together with plastic solvent. While injection-molding is the predominant manufacturing process for plastic models, the high tooling costs make it unsuitable for low volume production. Vacuum Forming is popular for aircraft models, though assembly is more difficult than for injection-molded kits. Resin-Casting is popular with smaller manufacturers; particularly 'aftermarket' firms (but also producers of full kits) and yields a greater degree of molded-in detail.
Short-Run Models are similar to mainstream injected molded kits, but are made with cheaper low pressure injection molding equipment.
Intermediate modeler a€“ Add to the Beginnera€™s tool set a assortment of hobby blades for the hobby knife, hobby putty to seal gaps in the model, a sander with various grades of sanding mediums.
Advanced modeler a€“ A electric drill (battery powered preferred) with various drill bits to Drill holes, a cutting wheel, polishing, and buffing wheels. Learning a little about the a€?real thinga€? will help you understand and have a deeper appreciate your model.
After reviewing model instructions, begin by carefully removing parts from the plastic sprue by using hobby knife or snips.
Sink Mark: When plastic parts are thick or removed too quickly from molds, there may be local shrinkage.
Ejector Pin Marks: There are small, flush-fitting pins that pop out to push newly formed parts out of the mold.

Some kits require you to drill holes to install optional parts (again, read the instructions). At each stage careful fitting and adjustments are made to reduce the amount of filler to be used later. Small fragile parts are best left off until painting or even after detailing to reduce risk of breaking. For large model parts additional plastic card backing or brass spars maybe needed to reinforce weak plastic joints. For natural metal finishes, the model surface should be buffed smooth for a flawless surface.
A light coat of primer is used to even out the finish of your model, and highlights any blemishes and scratches missed earlier. If after painting your model the results are not satisfactory, return to stage 4 and repeat as often as needed. When laying down paints with different solvents, make sure the solvent does not interact with the lower layer. Use clear gloss paint (or Johnsons a€?Futurea€? acrylic floor wax) to create a smooth undercoat which will reduce air bubbles under the decal. Decal setting and decal solvent solutions will help the decal adhere to the surface of the model and conform to molded details. Johnsons a€?Futurea€? acrylic floor wax is great stuff to prepare your modela€™s surface for decaling. Some modelers stop here, satisfied with their results.But the next stage may look easy, but ita€™s not. IPMS and IPMS members enjoy sharing their experience and joy of creating new projects with each other. Many modelers recreate historical events by building Dioramas, miniature landscaped scenes built around one or more models. Kitbashing is a modeling technique where parts from multiple model kits are combined to create a new model. According to the Labor Secretary the cruise ships will hire people even those who are High School graduates. The cruise ship workers’ requirements are High School diploma, experience and proficiency in spoken and written English. The cruise ships will be hiring positions related to entertainment such as performers, disk jockeys, swimming instructors, host and hostesses and other service-oriented positions such as massage therapists, hair stylists, waiters, cooks, bar tenders and deck assistants. The Philippines is one of the largest suppliers of workforce in the shipping industry worldwide. Previously worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia, now a full-time blogger sans technical ability. Sounds bizarre I know, but the more I think about it, the more I can understand the motivations behind it. Expect the API functionality to eventually be scaled to allow you to actively train skills and buy items from the marketplace meaning you don’t need to log into the game to do it.
Originally it was possible to work around the Doomsday and still kill a titan with a fleet.
I’m guessing they cost so much and take so long to make that it may not be worth the effort.
Thus, models of minor and obscure subjects are often manufactured using alternative processes. However, as the manufacturing process is more labor intensive, and the silicone rubber molds used don't last very long, the price of such kits is considerably higher. The fine details are usually not as crisp, but with the inclusion of resin and photo-etch parts, these kit can look just as good. Other tools like a scissors to cut decals and a hobby snips to cut parts off the plastic a€?treesa€?. Clean up model parts by systematically removing excess mold lines, flash and other deformations. Paint model interiors before assembly to avoid being confronted with inaccessible areas after assembly (i.e.

As molds are used over an extended period of time, the wear begins to show in the form of more flash. Heat and stretch sprue to make antennas, wires, details and to plug holes as ejector pin marks.
Experienced modelers cut the pins off kits to ensure perfect alignment, but must rely on their own skill to accomplish ensure a perfect fit.
Light scoring of your hobby knife or specialized scribing tool on the model surface will do the job. Some residue will collect in the model details, so use a small brush or even a toothpick to aid in cleaning the model surface. The general rule is to take half the scale of the model and add that percentage of white to a€?full sizea€? colors. Build up color intensity by applying multiple layers of paint rather than one or two heavy coats. If a decal straddles contrasting colors, the demarcation line may be seen through the decal. More advance modelers use pre-shading and post-shading with airbrushes, and oil paint dot filtering techniques. They are most common for military vehicles such as tanks, but airfield scenes and ships plying the seas are also popular.
For instance, kits of the P-51D are readily available, but the P-51D was just one of many sub-variants (i.e.
True scratchbuilt models consist of parts made by hand and do not incorporate major parts from other kits. For example, the effects crews on the various Star Trek TV shows frequently kitbashed multiple starship models to quickly create new classes of ship for use in background scenes where details would not be particularly obvious.
The builder must cut each part from the sheet, trimming and sanding the mating edges for proper fit.
In recent times, the latest releases from major manufacturers offer unprecedented detail, often including high-quality mixed-media (photo-etched brass, turned aluminum, and resin) parts. These are easy to remove with a hobby knife, but be careful that you dona€™t remove actual kit detail.
This is called a€?silvering.a€? Look at the stage 6 example below and see if you can spot the silvered decals. Some after market decals include a second white decal underlayment to reduce the translucence of decals. The detail on vacuum formed kits tends to be softer than their injection molded counterparts. If available, a variety of plastic strips and shapes such as rounds, half rounds, flat strips in various thickness. At the time it was considered one of the finest P-51D kits available and despite its age this kit still has some advantages in shape outline over its newer, more expense brethren. An ambitious modeler can modify the kit by altering its features, adding pieces, and so forth, to make a unique model not available as a commercial kit. Other ships are also going to get rebalanced to keep up CCP’s motto of no one ship being being the best. The process does not produce fine details parts like cockpit interiors and landing gear, so the builder must usually source these from surplus injection molded kits. Thus, it has become common for either term to be used loosely to refer to these more common hybrid models. They are also introducing a new bomber type fighter, a fighter especially designed to take out capital ships.
A cutting board with a small cutter similar to a paper cutter that can be bought in stationery stores.

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