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This model jet is totally constructed by hand from genuine mahogany originally from the Philippines. The C-160 was originally conceived as a replacement for the French Air Force's Nord Noratlas fleet. It is turboprop-powered and of conventional configuration for aircraft of this type, with high wings, and a loading ramp built into the rear of the fuselage. Original plans and blue prints are utilized in order to deliver the authenticity you see within the actual completely finished aircraft model.
Three prototypes flew in 1963, followed by pre-production examples in 1965 and production airframes from 1967. The actual model aircraft is then primed and sanded for optimum uptake of finish in addition to the various features.
Four C-160Fs were converted to C-160P air mail transport aircraft, and were operated by Air France.

The plane model is consequently painted by hand and airbrushed by a great artist to furnish the realism you'll discover in the entire finished product. The particular call signs as well as squadron details is hand applied on the finished airplane model.
The model is then crystal-clear coated to protect it for countless years and to generations to come.
You along with your friends along with family can easily appreciate this particular model aircraft for many, many years.
It has provided logistical support to a number of overseas operations and deployments; and has also served in specialist roles such as an aerial refueling tanker, electronic intelligence and communications platform. We are incredibly proud of what we accomplish that we all do their best for customer pleasure and that is guaranteed.
Keen to encourage industrial co-operation between the two countries, as had happened under a previous arrangement in which Noratlas's for German service had been built under license by Weser Flugzeugbau, France and Germany signed an agreement for the development of a Noratlas successor on 28 November 1957.

One prototype was built by each of the production partners, with the first (built by Nord) flying on 25 May 1963, with the VFW and HFB-built prototypes following on 25 May 1963 and 19 February 1964. These were followed by six pre-production examples, stretched by 51 centimetres (20 in) compared with the prototypes, which flew between 1965 and 1966. We use only reliable carriers and all your purchases are shipped insured to protect your investment.

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