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The Schwimmhaus by German architects Confused-Direction is a green hausboot (oops, house boat) designed to float around or just stay put on the shore.
Based in Oldenburg, just a boat’s float up the Hunte River to the North Sea, Confused-Direction is a young design co-op founded by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
I've often thought it would be cool to live in a floating home and recently tried a short stint in an old sailboat. In the United States most local governments make it difficult or even impossible to have a floating home. In response to "Logdog's" question concerning where he might get a permit for a floating home in NW Washington. I live in the Netherlands, and a lot of dutch people would disagree with your definition of a house boat. Wooden Rowboats We are wooden rowboat enthusiasts providing you with all the information you need on wooden rowboats, including kits, plans and boats for sale. Clark Craft Boat Plans Kits Boatbuilding Supplies Boat Plans Wooden Boats: Boatbuilding Supplies & . Location: Eustis, FL Yep, lots of choices available in stock plans and of course nearly anything is possible in a custom design (bring your purse).
You don't even want my opinion on a Y block Ford, particularly in light of the Windsor and Cleveland availability.
Location: Southern Ontario Canada Altering a Stock plan I would prefer to alter a stock plan.
My main goal on this forum is to get some idea where I can have plans drawn up that suit my needs.
A modern 5.7L PCM motor installation is what I put into the last boat and it works superbly so, maybe that is my best shot for reliability. In the end, it should be a modern (not done before) take on a family sport boat for the cottage.
Epoxy sides with 2 part poly paint, mahogany transom parts with swim platform made of black locust or mahogany or teak (all in stock). We need somthing like this in northern Ontario (Muskoka area) and there is a market for them. If I had plans for a decent hull (which I could lift from a number that I have in stock) and some assurance from an architect that the design would work as planned, I would begin cutting the molds. Location: spain Its not just the engineering that the NA supplies, its the build technique and materials list.

My plan is to produce a version of this boat for myself to test and for possible production in small numbers. I have been looking for the right boat and have determined that the way to do it is to use a hull design that works and then design the interior so that it suits my needs and respects the hull properties as well. Location: Southern Ontario Canada If I eliminate the need for any steps on the hull, that would make it easier to do myself. The reason for an open concept helm in cottage country, is for the ability to move to any part of the boat when boarding or disembarking. The walk out on the back is ideal for swimming and water sports and really makes this boat adaptable to many uses. With the same hull, this boat could be made into a version with the bow closed with a straight drive inboard. Location: Cape Town, South Africa Might not be practical, but if you have your own quay, then I always thought a sort of 'targa' top could be quite between the windshield and the back seats. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Its modern pre-fab aesthetic sets it aside from most maritime-y houseboats, and a green roof adds freshness and sustainable cred. Does anyone know who an individual would contact in order to explore the permitting process? The Schwimmhaus is, by accepted definition, a "Floating Home" not a "houseboat." Houseboats are recreational, self-propelled vessels. Skiffs terminate comprise designed either for rowing, gliding surgery with outboard motor installed.
We have hundreds of boat designs for everything from a rowing prams to sailboats to power boats. The last time I used this forum was to look for someone to help me with a Gravete Streamliner build. The moment you start to foll around with the running surfaces and weight allocations, you'll want to have your efforts certified.
I love the old 327, with all of it's flaws, but I can think of a lot better bases to start with then nearly half a century old iron. The Y block I have on hand as well as the old 327 and I am not convinced that they are the answer. I should be able to drag skiers and take guests out for a cruise in style with the rumble of a V8. Building (albeit very slowly!) a boat myself, and would be keen to do something similar when my current project is finished.

Would need to be light enough to lift out of the boat and store next to the quay on clear days, but it could convert an open boat to one that can deal with rain quite quickly and quite nicely -provided you don't get surprised by the weather.
Still under construction, Schwimmhaus is being built from wood salvaged from an old farm house in addition to other sustainable building materials. I realize it may not be an easy undertaking but feel confident if I could obtain the permits I could manage the rest of the factors.
However, there is not likely to be much of a market, and certainly not any waiting list in Portland or Seattle, or any other city in the US.
So, to shape your ain gravy boat with wooden skiff plans, you get to wealthy person vitamin A realiBuild a Row Boat Plans - Vintage Projects and Building Plans Wooden row boat plans to build your own row boat.
I did receive some great help and actually completed the boat a few years ago for a customer.
I can modify the topsides as far as deck and dash but, the weight distribution would definately have to be calculated. I just do not want to have to take the time to experiment on new programs for designing when there are better people for that job out there.
We have so many well meaning newbies that believe that they can design their own just as well as a pro designer.
The problem is that all US waters that can accommodate floating homes are governmentally-owned and essentially every possible berth that might be available is already owned and occupied. Plywood Rowboat Plans - Vintage Projects and Building Plans Simple free plans for traditional row boats. The pro knows why he is specifying some running line or other while the DIY person is beguiled by a line that only satisfies his sense of correctness or style. NO more berths are being created, and in fact, in most jurisdictions, governmental agencies want living on the water in a permanent dwelling to be abated. The view is that living on the water should not be allowed, because the waters belong to ALL the people, and when people live on them, they are restricting their use for recreation by the general public. Save money and headaches by downloading over 14,000 cost effective, downloadable woodworking plans including .

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