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Duane Dunn, Allegro wrote:To meet the requirements under power you need the upper forward facing white light that is mounted on the mast. PS: The girfriend was more than happy lounging on deck for 8-9 hours without having to climb around lines and the mast. The Motor Boat Licence Renewal form will be your record of holding a licence once payment is made. The primary roles of the Authority are to ensure the safe operation of vessels in all Tasmanian waters and to manage its marine facilities. I'm getting other software that one can use to calculate the structural strength with for carbon and GPR structures. I'm thinking there are so many sailing activities going about I'm surprised no one came up with some kind of rule of thumb.

Just reviewed four comparative calculations for a specific mast - they all vary, and it seems they suggest that they are not too sure either. It seems the solution would be to get a gross idea of the loads and forces, and just design it accordingly and allow for some safety factor. Originally Posted by Fanie Well, you said the peak load in the mast is a function of displacement.
As for forces on the sails itself, there are quite a few forces at work and all can be calculated. A hight aspect ratio sail of the same area is more effective than it's low aspect ratio counterpart in terms of the driving force it can produce, particularly if the mast diameter is small. If sailing downwind, maximum driving force comes from maximum sail area, and aspect ratio is not very significant. I'll have to compromise on the aspect ratio of the sail since I'm using the same sail all round.

If I have a 7m wide cat and an 8m wide cat, same LOA, what would significantly be different between them if they are on the same water ? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Questions or comments concerning the contents of the site can be directed to the webmaster by mail, or by email. It can be that a high aspect ratio sail plan produces more driving force and yet less heeling force, the latter offsetting the larger heeling lever common to high aspect ratio sail plans.

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