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The is a UK based product designer Daniel Blackband has designed the 15 meter long Orca narrowboat concept.
CubeMe stimulates your creativity by providing you all the craziest, thoughtful, creative, original source of inspiration. NARROWBOATS TRADITIONAL OR CONTEMPORARYPlease contact us if you would like a bespoke boat built, which we can arrange, or if you need interior designs for a boat that you are fitting out yourself. Location: Adriatic sea That must indeed have a function only with EGR or to create vacuum to aid the oil pan ventilation. Had big problems trying to get it to run when it first went in the boat and thought the ECU was dead at one point. Originally Posted by timswait Why is it that car engines are always mounted on 3 points and boat engines on 4? There's nothing on the front left corner of my engine substantial enough to bolt a mount to.
I've attached a photo of the engine bolted up to the gearbox (I haven't got a damper plate yet so the shafts aren't connected yet). Location: Adriatic sea Congratulations Timswait, it looks like you did a splendid job. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: UK So if I use the car's exhaust manifold and air cool it then I can soft mount the engine and use the stainless bellows to take up the vibration? Location: Glasgow There are good articles attached by Pericles, Post #3 on an adjacent thread, that you can study and make your own decisions. Originally Posted by CDK The Bowman VW150-3490 exhaust manifold with integrated heat exchanger and header tank will almost certainly fit. It absorbs so much heat from the exhaust gases that you can use an insulated dry exhaust pipe and silencer if you absolutely want to. Location: Adriatic sea Without the tube bundle it will be much cheaper, that's an expensive part. Location: UK Why is it that car engines are always mounted on 3 points and boat engines on 4? Location: Adriatic sea All the Mercruisers, Volvo's, OMC's and Yamaha stern drives with inline engines have 3-point support, two on the transom plate and a central one at the front of the engine.
In my post: Marinizing VW turbodiesel engines there are some photographs of the supports I made. Location: Adriatic sea The EGR system is a passenger car requirement with slightly negative effects on the engine performance.
Location: UK My engine has a vacuum operated throttle butterfly on the intake plenum. Our team wanders across the universe to bring you the best realisations and projects in the field of Architecture, Art, Fashion & Technology.
Not used it for that long yet, just moved her about 20 miles from where we craned her in to her mooring. However it just turned out to be a relay I'd lost between it's removal from the car and installation in the boat, and once I'd realised that then it fired up first time on the key!

As I see it the loads the engine mounts have to support are the same or lower in a boat than a car.
The water pump, alternators and injection pump are all bolted to the block here and I can't really see any way to make a mount work.
If I use the water jacketed exhaust mani then I still can't use rubber hose, so I still have to use the stainless steel bellows? The second link is the one about the dry exhaust and it makes a comparison with a wet system. In one of the later posts Fast Fred is saying that a bigger keel cooler will keep this manifold cooled. With keel cooling you can include the water jacket in the cooling circuit's return and you do not need a separate pump. I tested the engines without one, with just a piece of pipe: the sound resembles a Sherman tank.
I've used the bell-housing from the car gearbox and have machined an adaptor plate to go between the bell-housing and the gearbox, so that all now bolts together and the gearbox input shaft is perfectly centred on the crankshaft of the engine.
I was hoping to find somewhere I could buy a tube with the correct spline to match the gearbox and then to machine the other end to something I could bolt to the flywheel. It is basically a clutch plate without the friction material and if you are lucky you can buy one with a hole pattern that fits the flywheel.
There usually are several unused holes in the engine block; if not, you can use the holes where the alternator or water pump brackets are attached by taking a somewhat longer bolt. The area around the water pump looks quite different on my engine, The holes you've used seem to have things covering them. Mine are standing vertical because the expansion tank on top of the manifold is so high that the filler cap almost touches the floor board. One of my engines already came with a steel plate under the valve, so the EGR was only optically there to satisfy an inspection.
As I understand it diesel engines don't ususally have any throttling on the air entering the engine, so I'm guessing this is also something to do with the EGR system.
The inclusion of wire technology to operate the steering wheel has made the concept self-sufficient enough to say a€?noa€™ to a tiller and rudder.
It has been achieved by featuring a functional pop up roof and stress on the quality of luscious interiors. There's the torque loads from the engine (same in car or boat, maybe slightly lower in the boat as there's no sudden jerk as you take up the clutch), the static weight of the engine (same in car or boat) and any dynamic loads from cornering, going over bumps, rolling around at sea (likely to be much lower in the boat).
So I'm planning on mounting it how it would have been in the car, with one mount on the front right of the block, one on the rear left and one on the rear right of the gearbox. It is a light alloy casting with rubber grommets on the cooling fluid side and a 4 hole flange for the exhaust.
The penalty for that, as I pointed out earlier, is a lot more decibels because you cannot use rubber hoses.
In a wet system the injected water and the rubber hoses absorb most of the exhaust noise, the last bit is removed by a small steel or plastic jar in the lowest part of the path.
How do people normally connect the shaft from a marine gearbox to the crankshaft of the engine?

For my VW diesel conversion a bought plates with just the proper diameter but the wrong number of holes so I drilled new ones in the flywheel. Very awkward because there is no easy way to changing a belt, but aligning the engine is simpler than with 4 legs. Since the angle of the prop shaft and engine is 8 degrees down, I must overfill the engines a bit to make sure that the pump always sucks oil. This concept is a vision of a perfect solution for short distance trips to the canal-side pubs, dock-side restaurants and other fun venues. You don't want to have to moor whenever the sky opened sunscreen-you will probably pay a great deal of time outside so make positive are well guarded. The engine's pretty smooth and quiet (even though I haven't fitted the soundproofing in the engine bay yet) and easily powerful enough.
The only problem is that there's slightly more vibration than I think there should be (mostly around 1200-1800 rpm).
I have drawings for it from Lancing and it shows a sea water inlet, so is this where water is injected if it's being used as a wet sytem? The SDi is intended to be over at 15 degrees, and I'm planning on putting it in the boat like that.
Should it ever be necessary in future to lift the engines, I will remove the oil pans and cut off the tubes. Waterproofing-driver's positioning is quite open so if there is a shower you want to be kept. The only teething problem is that the 4 ribbed belt started to tear along the edge, so I cut the torn edge off and used it with three ribs. What other parts do I need, just a pump to pick up raw water and a pipe to connect it to the Bowman? Annoyingly I didn't think of that when machining the gearbox adaptor plate, so the gearbox is now also going to be at 15 degrees.
Not quite sure why, probably I've misaligned the second alternator slightly, so I've have to fiddle with some spacers on that.
I drilled it as accurately as I could using a milling machine, but I may pop it out and take it somewhere to get it balanced. Still it says in the spec that it can be used up to 30 degrees, and the boat's no really going to be rolling around much so it should be OK. Canal lovers not care much less if you received expensive brand has been able to identify your luggage. Map of Canal-these special maps showing the location of locks so that you can plan your journey. It is just so relaxing chug down the boat channel slender and quietly watching the world go.

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