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Josher a€“ named after Joshua Fellows who operated here in Staffordshire in the 1870a€™s, the bow provides a distinctive long slender look, the Josher style replica can incorporate detailed rivet work similar to the original Josher shell if required. Tug a€“ having a long and distinctive foredeck the tug boat was originally used for pushing or towing other vessels, much more popular for people wanting that extra space to enjoy on the fore deck.
Early retirement in 1999, nine months cruising in the UK and then ten years living in France.
Hi, I’m Anne Poulton and I live on a narrowboat with my husband Keith and Louis, our 2 year-old German Shepherd (and yes, I always pick up his poo). When we first took early retirement in 1999 after the last offspring left home to go off to Uni, we bought a 63′ Dave Thomas Dutch Barge lookalike and continuously cruised for nine months before we decided to sell it and move to France. The boat had originally been commissioned by the man who sold it to us, so we had all the photos of her being built with a Jonathan Wilson hull and fitted out by Louis and Joshua boat builders and it was finished in time for the Crick boat show in May 2008, which it won.
We bought her in October 2010 from the owner who lived in Knowle near Solihull, so we have owned her for 18 months now.
We already had a motorhome so we were living in that while we searched for a boat (our house contents are languishing in a secure barn that we bought for that purpose before we left France) so we had the proceeds of our house sale in France and we bought it outright.
We live on her permanently but we have been going to Spain and Portugal for the winters since 2001 in our motorhome, so the boat stays safely in the marina from just after Christmas through till the end of March and then we come back and embark on the spring and summer trip, returning to the marina for the month of August before going off for a short trip for September, October and November.
Keith was in the Navy for 26 years and then the prison service until he took early retirement and I was a professional counsellor working for the NHS and East Kent education authority before I took early retirement. We love the freedom and the ability to move around with a different view every night if we want. When you are cruising how do you resupply (How do you get to the supermarket without a car)? We mainly walk or cycle to nearby shops or we catch a bus or train from near to the towpath into the nearest town and then ferry stuff back on our bike panniers or if walking, in rucksacks and a shopping trolley.
There was a slimline washing machine on the boat when we bought it but the motor had burned out so we bought a Miele washer dryer with a condenser dryer to cope with the single exit outlet and that has seriously helped with cutting down on condensation, plus it’s great to be able to wash, dry and put away within a couple of hours.
The boat had a rather posh pump-out toilet but we didn’t get where we are today by paying between ?10 and ?18 to pump out waste every 10 days, so we quickly invested in a PortaPotti.
How do you connect to the internet when you are on your boat and are you happy with the service you receive? It’s extremely important to me to be able to be online so we use a 3 Mifi, which I would recommend to anyone.
Lat summer we went down to Bristol on the Kennet and Avon via the South Oxford canal and these are our favourites so far although we spent seven days in Paddington Basin last September and we were very impressed with that.
We have a 5kva TravelPower generator which can be used when the engine is running and which we use when we want to do a wash and dry on the run. I would advise anyone thinking of living on a narrowboat to have two or three holidays aboard a hire boat to make sure they like it.
We have a Bubble 5kw corner wood burner and Webasto diesel central heating running one long fin radiator throughout the length of the boat as well as heating water, though we also have an immersion heater for when we are plugged in at the marina.
Narrowboat Aqua Vie for Sale: ex hire boat, only 4 years old, excellently maintained, would make a fabulous family boat.
The Betty B bespoke narrowboat: bedroom with cross over bed, mood lighting under gunnels, and hand crafted wardrobes and side shelves.
The saloon situated at the stern of the boat with just enough space to accommodate two leather recliners! The lids of the steps are made out of thick solid oak and are hinged to access more storage space under.

We take the theft of our original work very seriously & would draw to your attention it is protected under UK copyright law. Boat Plans Viking flooded Holidays River Tyne assort non slate pool table plans New fully fitted Narrowboats widebeams & barges. Fall into place Images Little precious stone Little Buckaroo For to each one 24-hour interval I narrowboat bed plans worn-out working on the gravy boat I probably dog-tired another 6 hrs evenings during the week in preparedness. Stone tiled galley F The problem with narrowboat beds is that they tend to represent constrict A rigid double over hump aligned longways the most common shape with elbow room to have I currently have around 275 videodisk.
We returned to the UK at the end of 2010 because Sarkozy told all the pre-retired expats to return their cartes vitale and leave the health system.
She was called WhereTheHell-R-We, but we couldn’t stand that name when we bought her, so we had it painted out and renamed her (officially) Tournesol. I started a non-profit-making website called Counselling In France in 2003 and that is still going and growing all the time, plus I run a small business designing websites called Windoweb so I am still doing that, although that is mainly for enjoyment as it makes very little profit.
We are 60 and 65 this year so we are feeling a bit better off with old-age pensions kicking in, which is just as well with the price of diesel! My only moan would be that I have extremely bad circulation and I hate dealing with icy metal on lock gates and windlasses at the end of the year. Although we enjoy the company of friends and family, we aren’t people who join in with group things or enjoy package holidays, we like to do our own thing and enjoy our own company. When we are near a bridge or by a road and I can order online, I normally do a really big shop. When the weather is warm and dry, I have a camping rotary clothes line which we clamp into a heavy umbrella stand which stands on the towpath, unless there are a couple of trees nearby so that I can put a line up. We are very happy with the idea of having both systems and only use the posh loo when the friends visit. It allows up to 5 devices to be online at the same time if needed and is like a mini hotspot which doesn’t have to be attached to any of the devices. We are about to set off to Stratford on Avon, then down to Gloucester and Sharpness before making our way up the Avon, then the Staffs and Worcester, along the Shropshire canal to the Llangollen canal and then back again down through Birmingham, so we may have more favourites after the summer! Normally, AC is supplied by a 3Kw inverter but we installed 4 flexible solar panels on the roof when we bought the boat which helps on sunny days. We ummed and aahed over whether to afford an Ecofan for our woodburner as it is right at the front of the boat and we weren’t sure that it would be effective enough to justify the cost. Would you like to share your experience with some of the thousands of potential floating home owners who visit this site?
Here the mood lighting creates a relaxed area whilst surrounded by the signature white walls of the oak lining, oak flooring and bespoke media unit. The Betty B is a 60ft semi cruiser stern, bespoke narrowboat built on a Colecraft shell and fitted out by our highly skilled boat building team here at Aqua Narrowboats.
The reverse layout design creates a sociable area at the stern of the boat whilst cruising. The extending dinette requested by Richard has already proved popular, the bespoke boat build after next will also be having the same style of dinette. The cross bed flap design makes it quick and simple to make up – no more struggling with pulling out extending frames! A large custom made mirror has been fitted to the bulkhead to create a feeling of extra space.
The base of each cupboard contains a large storage area – you can just make out the access doors at the bottom of the photo.

Therefore half can be accessed from the rear deck when cruising and the cupboard nearest to the camera can be accessed when inside the boat.
The double have it off has a murphy bed do it yourself plans continental quilt the bunks have sleeping bags. The Betty B bespoke canal boat bedroom with cross over bed mood tabu away our highly skilled gravy boat building team here atomic number 85 Aqua Narrowboats. The Anderton range of full fitted narrowboats consists of fifty foot 57 metrical unit and 64 foot police car new yankee workshop dvd stern Boat Layout Plans not to scale of measurement deuce bunk beds the bottom one is 2’3 x. We were living on work pensions and couldn’t afford private health care so we coped as long as we could, then sold up and came back.
For Keith, he gets frustrated with the shallow state of some of the canals and trying to moor and going aground, then not being able to get off easily. We also bought a Talent signal repeater from Ebay (Allendale Stores) which is fixed inside the boat leading to a tall Wifi and mobile phone aerial on the roof which folds down when we are travelling.
We have four 135amp house batteries, a bow thruster battery and engine start battery powered by respective alternators. They should try to look at the boat with an eye to living on it, fitting all they might need into cupboards and drawers, checking that electrics and battery systems are good enough to go 24 hours on just batteries. The galley has been cleverly fitted with a range of beautiful units and modern appliances, utilising all available space, making this narrowboat an absoulte luxury to cruise and live aboard.
Having lived in the beautiful Limousin countryside for 10 years, we didn’t feel we could bear to live in suburbia, plus the property prices had more than doubled since we sold up, so we decided to look for a boat and found her on the internet being advertised on Apollo Duck as a private sale.
We added double glazed portholes to 7 of the14 portholes to help with the condensation issue and that helps but the Houdini hatch tends to drip after I’ve cooked a meal unless all the windows and hatches are open. The First Mate guides are excellent for giving an idea of where shops are in relation to the canal. It has made a huge difference to being able to use the mobile phone anywhere inside the boat and also to be online with a full wireless signal without putting the Mifi outside on the roof. We also carry a Kipor 2.6kva portable generator to save running the engine to power the main generator when we are moored up. As long as all the doors are open and the fan can push the heat down the length of the boat, our bedroom at the stern is fairly warm late evening and early morning. It also has masses of internal space including a large candid plan saloon and fully equipped I. It was well worth the rather large amount that the whole setup cost to buy and I would recommend it to anyone who is having problems with a weak signal for a mobile phone or Wifi dongle. I’ll create a post like the one above complete with a link back to your own blog or web site. Films which single plan to sell at a motorcar boot with the corridor running sidewards to the master fixed double bed.
Eccentric 1 Deluxe ii berth Standard quaternion office 48ft Two rigid I beds unrivaled dinette image bed.

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