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For people who enjoy spending their leisurely time on water, the only thing to do is to buy a sturdy boat with a good sized deck that provides plenty of room for stretching out and relaxing. Selecting which boat is better suited to individual needs will depend on what one plans to use it for. Pontoon boats are usually constructed of aluminum and have smaller horsepower engines so they are easier on the budget. This is the ideal model for anyone seeking the convenience and maneuverability of a narrower beam pontoon boat.
Add the convenience of the custom roller-style trailer, and you can easily transport this pontoon to any lake you choose!
Kennedy Pontoon Boats are protected by a two-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship. Many materials and components utilized in our production process are produced by companies other than Kennedy Pontoons, Inc.
Pontoon boats are large platforms floating on top of two or three “logs” of air under a flat deck.

Deck boats, too, are lightweight, but are constructed of fiberglass and can be packed with more powerful engines, which provide great speeds quickly. You will quickly experience the excellent performance that the 23 inch octagonally shaped pontoon logs provide. Or if your lake is restrictive to gas engines your dealer can equip this model with electric power. Launching and loading is simple with the trailers unique roller design and self-centering guide-bunks. These components include, but are not limited to: electronics, steering systems, lighting, plywood decking, seat vinyl, carpet, sun top materials, decals, etc.
Both types of boats have large bodies that provide plenty of seating, spacious cargo areas and can house a large variety of engine packages. The log structure of pontoon boats provide greater durability and more ease when beaching on sandy shores. This very design also makes it better suited for fishing by increasing visibility and the casting area.

The logs of a pontoon boat make up the draft, which is the portion of the hull under water, and are usually no more than a foot deep in water. It is also easier to cut through water due to the sleek shape, which makes it better suited for sporting activities like skiing and tubing. Pontoons tend to rock less in still water as compared to a deck boat, but they cannot handle waves over three or four feet. Additionally, the very shape that allows them to be able to withstand higher waves also makes them rock more when standing in still waters due to the hull’s V-shape center of gravity. This also makes it a bit more vulnerable because it can capsize if the wave hit it in the wrong way.

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