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Enjoy a Newport Beach Boat Rental in the most comfortable and spacious rental boat available. Are you a company looking for a team building experience or celebrating your latest success?
Blue Tooth Stereo, Gas Grill, Underwater Lights, Rub Rail Lighting, Vinyl Flooring, Luxury Seating Upgrade, Table for Food, Bimini 10′ Top.
Then when your tired of cruising the harbor, pull the boat out and take to a local lake or river.
Newport Pontoons is proud to announce we are the authorized dealer in Orange County for Avalon Pontoon boats. Avalon Pontoons come in a range of styles and sizes, from a 14’ economy pontoon all the way up to a 29’ luxury pontoon boat. For more information, please call and a sales associate will help you with your boating needs.
We would like to share some reviews that have recently been posted throughout the internet. We purchased a groupon deal and didn’t know what to expect but Newport Pontoons far exceeded anything we could have imagined.
We just wanted to share some reviews with you from customers that have had the opportunity to take out some of our boats. Jeanine N: I purchased a groupon for this and before I completed my purchase, I called them to ensure they had a spot open for the date I wanted to use it and since they did, I completed my order then made my reservation.
We wanted to thank Townsend Public Affairs for coming out earlier this week on our boats for their corporate event. My company used Newport Pontoon for our corporate event and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the way it all turned out. My company has 4 offices across the country and the directors of each office flew out to be at our event. We just wanted to share some of our customer feedback, that we have gotten after they spent some time on a Newport Pontoon. Thank you for an enjoyable time-your boat was do clean and Comfortable!!way more room than Duffys!! This was a great way to get the whole family together for a few hours and enjoy eachother’s company. Because of our customers great response to our Pontoon Boats, Newport Pontoons is already adding a new boat to the fleet. Posts1100% satisfaction reviews from Groupon CustomersaAuthorized Dealer for Avalon Pontoons! Rear-facing lounges continue to be the hot configuration going into 2015, and the designers of the Avalon Windjammer 2785 RL seem to have found a way to answer the question of what constitutes the correct backrest angle. Powering our Avalon 2785 RL was a Yamaha VMAX SHO 250 four-stroke engine, which would have surprised some people at Yamaha when they came out with the engine two years ago. Our test boat had the Waveglider 25” Package, which gives you three 25-inch pontoons that have dual lifting fins (Avalon-speak for lifting strakes), to really help it get on top of the water. The triple 25-inch tubes provided lots of lift and delivered crisp handling, which is just the thing for cracking the whip on your tubing followers. The Windjammer’s got some entertaining chops with items such as an oversized crescent-shaped smoked-glass cockpit table featuring two wire cupholders and two wineglass parking spaces. The helm’s standard setup would be an upgrade elsewhere, with extras such as Garmin’s 500C fishfinder, which makes an awesome depthfinder even if you never hold a fishing rod. The best option for equipping the 2785 RL for watersports is the Turbo Swing, a stainless steel tube that encircles the outboard and provides a tow point behind the engine. The beaches around the Newport harbor are home to a number of fish species and choosing to relax on the water, you can opt for fishing from a Kayak. Taking advantage of paddling your Kayak, you can also have the chance of enjoying an up-close view of multi-million dollars yachts and houses of movie stars. Pontoon boats that are great for fishing and pleasure boating are supported by pontoons for floating. Where there is a beach and great waves, it draws surfers to enjoy riding the way and polishing their surfing experiences. Segway tours give you the chance to enjoy the fresh ocean air along with the splendid views.
Along with these great sports, one can enjoy yoga and fitness classes, Tae Kwon Do, kick boxing, dance and others. To get some hands on sporty experience and further details, contact Newport Pontoons and enrich your Newport Harbor trip.
The spacious and luxurious Avalon Pontoons have been witnessed around the U.S in different lakes and inland waterways. Newport Pontoons is an authorized dealer for the Avalon pontoons for Southern California and is dedicated to facilitating your cruise around Newport Harbor in style with an Avalon pontoon.
The Avalon Catalina Entertainer 24’ is an amazing cruise, with features you would fall in love with. Its features include Seats 12, life vests, upgraded captain chair for the seating, a bar, a cooler filled with ice, an upgraded Bluetooth stereo connection, a canopy with overhead lighting, vinyl flooring, portable cup holders, a grill and a premium lighting package, rear underwater lights and light under the rub rail. The rates from Friday to Sunday are $150 for 1 hour, $300 for 2 hours, $450 for 3 hours, $600 for 4 hours, $720 for 5 hours and $864 for 6 hours. If you plan to have a half-day or full day trip and want to rent for more than 6 hours, Newport Pontoons will provide you with special rates for it. Newport Pontoons can assist you in planning the perfect outing on an Avalon Catalina Entertainer.
For people who are keen to own an Avalon pontoon and want to enjoy boating more often in this amazing boat, buying a used Avalon pontoon could be a good alternate. If affordability is your focus, check out the A-series of the Avalon pontoons that offer remarkable features at an economical price range. You may want to consider the following buying tips before making a purchase and to avoid any kind of disappointment resulting later on. All these inspections would help you determine if the purchase is the worth the investment or not. For more details and guidance, you can always count on the experts at Newport Pontoons who could help you make the best choice. Owning an Avalon Pontoon can be a matter of pride for any owner who loves water sports and likes to relax in the comfort of nature. Unwanted damage and corrosion if left ignored can lead to speedy depreciation and hefty expenses on repairs.
Getting your boat properly checked periodically by your dealer and taking precautions to prevent possible damage would ensure safety and continued benefits of owning an Avalon, enabling you to enjoy this luxury as often as desired without any worries, hassles or issues.
Pontoon boats comprise of two large aluminum drums that are set parallel to each other in order to hold a flat deck.

Pontoon boats come in various shapes and sizes; each model has unique features to cater to different activities, number of people and entertainment at the waters. Pontoon boats are easy to drive as most are self-explanatory, with a just a little practice needed to develop a grip over the basics of enjoying at the water.
Owning a boat can be a costly affair, most people choose to opt for a boat rental for special occasion to have a fun experience on the water.
Once you have bought a pontoon boat, you can do all the activities you adore and as often as you want. If you made the decision to buy a pontoon boat, here are some things to consider utilizing your finances appropriately and making the perfect choice. Buying a pontoon has financial implications beyond the purchase prices as there are licenses and fees involved need to be paid annually. If you are buying a new pontoon, go for the newest model available and from a reputable brand.
Rentals and Tours provided by Paradiso Yacht Charters, Newport’s premier boat rental company. Several friends and I wanted to float around the harbor for a few hours and we were delighted to learn that Paradiso had a pontoon boat available for just such an adventure!
Our brand new Pontoon Boats are top of the line, with the highest quality and full of amenities. Cruise in style & comfort with plenty of room to walk around and socialize with everyone in your party.
These new boats will have the luxury and space that no other boat rental company on Newport Harbor can offer. Our most recent special is ending and we have 100% customer satisfaction feedback from Groupon. If you are considering renting a boat on Newport Harbor please take a look at these reviews and come see Newport Pontoons. The previous poster who was unhappy about availability should not let that reflect poorly in their review of this company because that is not in their control. We also wanted to share Amanda’s review she posted for other companies that might be considering a boat outing on their next team building, sales, or appreciation for staff event. Some pontoon lounger backrests have an upright angle that’s almost like sitting on a chair, while others have the recline of a hospital bed in its sleepy-time setting. Because it had lifting fins on the outside of its tubes, it cornered with very little inward lean. The only tweak I would make is to give the rear loungers the same seatback configuration as the other three couches. To enhance your experience, there are options of tours of the Newport Harbor and provision of renting or buying the equipment to use. Most people prefer pontoon boats as a safe and luxurious method of cruising the Newport Harbor.
In winters and spring, one can enjoy gray whales whereas during the summers and the fall, one can enjoy watching giant blue whales. A number of bike rentals are available at the beaches that provide a huge variety of bikes to choose from, catering to bikes for both genders and different age groups along with biking equipment like the helmet and the lock. Safety videos, briefing and equipment can lead you to go flying and enjoy your first flight in just about no time. Segway tours start from a ferry, the Balboa Pier and the fun zone and are a great tool to be guided around the Balbua Peninsula. Newport Pontoons gives you the amazing opportunity to enjoy cruising in style with a wide range of Avalon pontoon boats available for rent and sale.
Its highly skilled team is committed to providing remarkable customer services, along with unmatched quality standards and an economical price range that is easy on your pocket. The boat rental rates for the Avalon Catalina Entertainer from Monday to Thursday are $125 for 1 hour, $250 for 2 hours, $375 for 3 hours, $500 for 4 hours, $600 for 5 hours and $720 for 6 hours. Choose the activities of your interest and the group accompanying you and let Newport Pontoons cater to all the arrangements.
For most people, buying a new Avalon pontoon might be more than you are wanting to spend as Avalon pontoons are high quality boats, with multiple features that enhance your boating experience and allow you to enjoy boating with increased comfort and style. As an authorized Avalon pontoon dealer and the only one in the vicinity, you can easily get a used pontoon from them along with professional advice and a reasonable price. If a pontoon is not well maintained, there are chances for damages like cracks, leakages, corrosion, etc., which could result in a compromised overall performance. It would also help you plan your expenses accordingly and be satisfied of making the purchase.
However, to continue to enjoy using your Avalon pontoon with the same great experience each time, it is important that the boat is kept well maintained. Proper maintenance is important in continuing top performance of the boat, and strengthening its life for years to come. In case you come across any, get in touch with the dealer at the earliest and get it fixed right away. With the comfort and diverse activities possible with pontoons, increasing number of people choose to rent pontoons to add value to their special occasions. Although that can be a feasible choice which is friendly as per your budget, owning a pontoon boat has its own charm.
Be it holding parties, events, family outings, group outings, have fishing expeditions, opting for cruising dining, dance parties, casual hangouts or anything that interest you. The expenses do not end here; your pontoon boat would need maintenance, repairs, fixes and upgraded parts sooner or later as well. The objective is to provide features focused on your safety, comfort, relaxation and enjoyment.
Paradiso Charters offers Pontoon experiences and a variety of other boating and yachting options.
These boats are more versatile, safer, roomier, and more luxurious than considering a small electric boat. Consider grilling out, or letting the kids swim and having a ladder to get back in the boat.
Avalon is committed to building the best pontoon boats available and to show their commitment to quality, all of their boats come with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. We want to thank all of these customers for their kind words and hope to see them again soon.
We really loved the entire experience and would do it again – boat was in great shape, staff was fantastic and helpful…really wonderful company! We are fully booked most weekends and this new boat will open additional reservation time for our customers. But even if you like it one way or another, watching skiers demands a different angle than catching some rays.

The Yamaha pulled really strong in the mid-range and propelled it to 30 mph in 7.3 seconds. The Waveglider logs have really sharp wave-piercing nosecones, which came in handy on our blustery day on huge Lake Lanier, north of Atlanta. The aft loungers have a bulging pillow pad on the upper half that’s perfect for smaller guests, but it hit me right between the shoulder blades. On the back deck is a small box — it houses the new EPA-mandated fuel system and power steering system — that’s been made useful by adding cupholders. The centerline ski locker is extra-deep for kneeboard storage, and the stern box gives you a place to wedge a giant towable tube between it and the rear fence. Our test boat was pretty standard except for niceties such as the supple Buckskin vinyl option and a second wall color, adding a dash of champagne to the burgundy main color (great wine theme there). There is no doubt that your family would love this pontoon and have fantastic memories on this pontoon. Long stretches of bike routes, trails and board walks can be easily witnessed on the flat beach as people crowd it for trying out a number of fun sports activities.
With the help of a licensed fishing guide, you can enjoy the experience despite your novice fishing abilities.
Room for up to 17 people, Luxury Seating, Sink, Electric Wine Rack, Refrigerator, Stainless Steel Drawers, Mercury 250 Verdao, and much much more..
Check out drain plugs to see if there is water inside the pontoons, determine expenses expected and consider the purchase accordingly. Doing this is important, as gauges need to be functioning accurately in order to alert you on your boat’s engine condition, providing much needed reliable information to prevent tough situations that could occur later. Since mooring covers can be expensive to purchase, a boat with an acceptable canvas is crucial.
A certified mechanic would give you the most accurate picture of the boat’s motor condition.
Spacious pontoons boats can accommodate more people compared to other boats and allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones and relax a bit.
If you are buying a used pontoon, questioning is way more crucial to get through technicalities such as maintenance record, license, rust conditions and, parts and accessories missing. Our experts are committed to delivering quality and will help you in finding the ideal boat in no time. The condition of the boat was excellent, it handled well, was very stable and the on-board toilet was a huge plus. They are very spacious and there is plenty of room to bring the whole family along, including pets. Avalon Pontoons can be fully customized with inviting lounges, gas grills, wakeboard racks and even water slides. What a great family time, and yes, we used the grill on the boat and there were NO problems with them arranging that. This boat will have a BBQ, rear lounger to lay in the sun, Canopy, stereo with I-pod connection, storage compartments, luxury seating, captains chair, Table for food and drinks, Cooler for refreshments, and sits up to 11 people. On the Avalon, the simple solution is a button you push that changes the backrest angle electronically (insert forehead slap). But when Yamaha’s engineers saw so many people putting it on boats like pontoons, they realized it had far more applications than originally thought. Our Windjammer did a good job of riding over the chop without having to pay a penalty, and because we had the optional aluminum underskin, there was no rushing sound of waves hitting crossmembers. There was a lot of give in the pillow-top-style extra cushion, so it wasn’t painful, just distracting.
Maybe the Fun Ship is not for you, we have plenty of other pontoons on our lot to choose from. If you think finance could go heavy on your pocket, perhaps you should consider buying a used pontoon or stick with boat rentals. Whether you are sunbathing, fishing, swimming, tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, picnicking or just cruising around, Avalon pontoon boats can take you there in comfort and style.
I brought my little girl and she had a ton of room to play with her toys and spread out, on the duffy boats there is no space at all and it is a struggle to keep the little ones occupied but she had a great time on the pontoon. We are holding off on a full enclosure during the summer months to allow you to soak up the sun.
Under the bottom cushion of the starboard-side lounger is dry storage and under the one to port is a pop-up changing station. This spring, Yamaha will produce a 25-inch version, so it can be mounted on just about any boat. For taking it to the max, Avalon also has a Waveglider 5 X 7 Turning Package, which gives you twin 25-inch outer tubes and a 27-inch center, providing a pivot point and inducing an inward lean for even better cornering and seakeeping. Avalon offers a Saltwater Series upgrade with additional zinc sacrificial anodes to counter the harsh marine environment, if that’s where you do your boating.
Kick back and relax in the most spacious and luxurious boats available to cruise Newport Harbor. Consider the expenses for these and see whether you can afford them to let the purchase stay within your budget limits. The inside storage helps preserve the quality.  Seek the help of your dealer to get this done. It’s essential if the boat is being left in salt water to have the bottom painted by your dealer. It was very easy to drive and you sit up higher so you can see out a lot better and when you get on you will be surpised at how nice these are.
You can equip the latter with a Porta Potti, and when it’s time to stow the room, you just attach a single mini-bungee and fold it down — no wresting to corral a reluctant curtain. Ours featured the 20-inch shaft model, which proved to be an excellent match, as it sat relatively low in the water.
The forward two loungers have loads of reclining legroom, while the amidships couch was really more of a love seat.
They want to make sure you have a great experience amd are very accomidating and I will definitely be renting these boats again and again!
But the Avalon is versatile enough to accommodate either a 20- or 25-inch outboard, so when Yamaha adds the X-Shaft version this spring, that would be the preferred model.
I rented it in the afternoon as a surprise for my grandparents who were in town and brought a picnic lunch and I can’t wait to take more family outings like this!

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