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Special Christmas Discount!50% off prints and 10% off BooksUse discount code xmas at checkout', CAPTION, 'Christmas Special')" onmouseout="return nd();">Christmas Discounts up to 50% Off. There’s something rather amazing about being able to kayak through the center of a city. As we left the marina, we passed by a charming combination of large and modern houseboats that people live on year round as well as gorgeous old wooden cruiser boats outfitted with glossily varnished wood and brass. Coming out into Malaren, the lake felt enormous from our small kayak and so it seemed somehow safer to me when we reached the more narrow and calm waters next to Langholmen, the island whose prison has now become a youth hostel. Kayaking along Klara Sjo, we were again treated to calmer waters, making the final leg of the journey much more peaceful, which was nice as my paddling arms were getting tired. It gives you a completely different perspective of all sorts of things, from having a huge yacht look down on you to looking up at the enormity of City Hall, for instance.

Crossing Ulvsundasjon, the water was a bit choppy and stayed that way as we went under the big bridge at Traneberg.
We took it easy along Palsundet, paddling slowly to admire all the fantastic wooden boats in the canal.
Finishing the day with a glass of rose and hamburger at the marina seemed to be the perfect ending to our perfect day. For our journey today, Robert and I left from Pampas Marina in a two-seater kayak and basically paddled completely around the island of Kungsholmen. Choppy water in a kayak always makes me a bit nervous, but we managed to stay upright without a problem.
It was the calm before ths storm because as we made our way along next to Sodermalm, the water was extremely choppy.

The weather was sunny and warm – 25 degrees c or 80 f – so it was about as perfect as it gets for being on the water here. At least I was distracted by being able to see our apartment and have the fantastic views of Stadshuset (City Hall) and the old church on Riddarholmen. Thanks to the good weather, it felt like everyone was on the water either boating, jet skiing, swimming or sunning on the rocks.

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