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This Embroidery Design was hand punched here in the USA by our team using the Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing Software. Zipped file with designs (listed below) and a run sheet that includes all design specs and color changes. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to create a customer profile with our store to download this design.
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Peter at Caloundra Wind and Surf asked me to let everyone know he is intending to organise informal one design races every 4 weeks at the lake and is looking to get as many one designs on the water as possible. On the other hand, my plastic-fantastic is pretty much indestructible, providing the cheapest racing on offer.
There's no doubt that raceboard sailing is a blast, but there's a bit of a commitment to get started.
LCSC will be happy to help facilitate Windsurfer One Design racing at the lake next season. Wally sailors are also welcome to participate in our May Day regatta on the 3rd and 4th of May.
Further details have come to hand: retro-grouches to meet at 10ish in front of Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club.
Mate , I have one the same as the one in the picture I would be willing to sell to someone keen on getting into the racing .
Speak to Kerry Bergman or Roger Crawford, they come across 2nd hand boards on the East Coast.
I know Kerry quite well now as she helped me organise the OD state titles at burrum heads this year. This image is featured as part of the article Heesen Yachts – the Main Sponsor of the Synergy Team for the 2012 RC44 Championship. Renault SAS, leader of Electric Vehicle and expert in motorsport, has signed on as official Technical Partner of Spark Racing Technology to supply the Formula E cars to be entered in the FIA Formula E Championship. Spark Racing Technology sided toward this technological expertise to optimize the electric and electronic layout. Renault Sport Technologies is the only car manufacturer to design, develop and market a comprehensive range of sporting cars and vehicles made for motorsport within the same entity.

Futuristic Nike One 2022 Racing Car has been designed for driving simulator Grand Turismo 4. Once the conceptual idea and aesthetic design of the Nike ONE were underway, Frank developed the 3D data for the car in the CAD program Rhinoceros. Logitta Concept Car by Dr Hussien Al Jammazi Kazunori Yamauchi has challenged automakers to design supercars for GT6 video game, but it doesn’t mean other car designers can’t join the crowd to show off their concept car.
The design has also been color separated so that individual parts ie: helmet, fire suit and vehicle main color can all be set individually.
With our teams more than 15 years of Digitizing experience and Wilcom’s unrivalled stitch processing technology you get the best quality embroidery results and efficient sewing time after time. When your shopping cart is completed your download will be available for download up to 5 times.
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But I keep breaking gear (once I drove all the way from home in Eumundi to Paradise Point for a race, only to have my mast track rip out a few meters out from the beach on my first uphaul). With a few more Wallys out on the water we could get some really good one-design racing going with a minimal startup cost to getting involved, making it attractive for beginners to course racing. Instead, start cheap on a wally (no one can beat you with their wallet so there are no excuses) and "upgrade" later if you feel the need for speed when you're hooked on course racing. My friend was given an older board and I am supposing it is some form of older racing or slalom board. Unfortunately not an original one design and has a delam issue from taking on water plus the footstrap screws have been epoxy filled. I thought I had that board above sorted and was going to touch base with Kerry regards a rig. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. It was an evidence for Renault to ask to his subsidiary to work on this project and to put on evidence all the engineers’ expertise on motorsport vehicles. Phil Frank, the principal of Phil Frank Design, LLC explained that Nike One 2022 boasts dramatic and futuristic technology of Nike One with its athletic focus, stretched surfaces and less-is-more philosophy, just like the principles from Bill Bowerman, Nike founder.

Asano adds “there is much more thought put into this project than most people would realize, this is how we approach all of our projects”. This data was used to create a number of 1:18 scale physical models for evaluation off of the computer screen prior to final sign off. The Saleen S7 was used as the competitive benchmark for handling performance, but at the same time the vehicle was tuned to be a great car for mastering the fundamentals of sports car driving. Our Designs are hand punched here in the USA by our team using the Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing Software. I've been racing my wally semi-regularly at LCSC for the season just finished and would love some company. I guess you get what you pay for, but gear failure has been a real frustration this season just gone.
I lashed out and bought my Wally from Windgenuity in NSW: even shiny new it was a complete package for the sort of money that wouldn't buy you a raceboard rig, let alone a board to plug it into. Since Nike is an athletic company, this futuristic vehicle was designed and developed from that perspective, instead of building just another fast car, the design team took the inspiration and learned from the human body, its motion and dynamics. The Nike ONE’s innovative suspension mimics tension in the muscles and takes advantage of the asymmetric tire profile to have extreme negative camber in a straight line for minimized rolling resistance on the motorcycle like section and then maximum positive camber when cornering or breaking. This data was then given to Polyphony, where they began programming the dynamics of the car down to its 750kg weight, 8 stage drive train, active aerodynamics, suspension geometry, acceleration and braking. The automotive designer created amazing detailed background story and won the first place […]Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo Supercar Gamers, you might want to kiss Nissan as the company releases the virtual covers off the NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision Gran Turismo. Unless I constrain my beer intake to reduce my "displacement", light-wind racing on yardstick against the cats, dinghys and raceboards can be a tad frustrating. And of course there were gazillions made back-in-the-day, so finding old ones shouldn't be too tricky.
I am not really interested in this type of racing but thought that someone may be looking for this type of board. A "classic" (dagger board) fleet could be fun - lots of those around pretty much free to a good home.
I got to the end of a season and was left with the option of upgrading my race gear or replacing my trashed wave gear.

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