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In our area we had the BoatCraft Pacific Crew, and all the Bote Cote and Davey Bronze product range, with Mal Gahan’s great looking fire engine red, part built kit NIS 23 providing a stunning backdrop, along with a massive step by step photo board. Bob, Dougall, Gus and Caro in front of the poster panel of their fabulous kit Tammie Norrie in Hobart. The Acorn skiff in all its length variants is a true Whitehall type modest load carrying rowing and (careful) a fast sailing skiff, no compromises. Several have been built with sliding seats, most notably a very good 15 by John Willoughby, that I fell out of very ungraciously many years ago. Joel Weatherald built a nice one (Isola) a while back, proving that even a butcher (as he was then) can be a good Oughtred boat builder. Badger's extra length means that she is nearer to the size of the 'Three Men in a Boat' type of camping skiff, made famous by Jerome K Jerome's very amusing book. While there I got to row one of the oldest, amazingly the very one whose creaking, water dripping sounds are used by Pink Floyd in the opening to their 'Momentary Lapse of Reason' album.
A bit of effort on your part, some leather on your oars and 'winter grease' on the tholes, and you'll be set! The design of the St Ayles Skiff was commissioned from Iain Oughtred by the Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther, Fife. The kit design for the St Ayles has been thought through from the outset to produce a beautiful and comparatively easy boat that can be built by people with little or boat building experience.
We do not want you to have to invest a fortune in tools, so for the most part, the tools required are those found in most keen DIYers toolbox.
Her 3 plank aside hull sports a balanced lug rig, and is rowed the traditional way (using kabes for rowlocks). Woodfish has no centreboard, although one has been drawn should you wish to improve upwind performance.
Hugh Levinson, no doubt inspired by Austin Rogerson's interpretation of the original Ness Boat as a yawl, bought Iain's no doubt similarly inspired plans for his Ness Yawl. Years later, Dan Houston Editor of Classic Boat came out for the special South Australian wooden Boat Festival which paid homage to Iain, and one of the boats there was a caledonian Yawl that had been trailed some 200 kilometers for the event.

With her canoe stern and beam she should be a good load carrier, and should e able to run before a sea without fuss.
4 strake planking a side makes planking easy, and the drawings, the sweeping sheer and the double ends assure very easy on the eye as well.
A very competent small double ender with reasonable rowing and very good sailing performance. If you are a designer who offers plans, or kit boats, we invite you to enter your information in the Directory of Boat Plans & Kits. The plans and kits posted here are the lawful property of the designers or heirs who posted them. Queues lined up for Iain to sign their books, catalogues and copies of the current Afloat magazine which had within it a serendipitous and very good Bruce Stannard article on Iain’s life and work. His ukuleles are sought after for their really subtle, hand crafted beauty, and superb sound. Peter Furze, serial Oughtred builder, rowed his 11'6" Acorn in company with co professional (medico) John Willoughby around Hindmarsh Island about 10 years ago, proving the point beyond doubt.
It's often been said that kids don't row anymore because modern boats, like the ubiquitous tinnies are so bad to row; same goes for most of the club sailing classes. It was interesting to observe how little that boat pumped as his weight shifted, as it does in a sliding seat, with each stroke. This a traditional rowing machine, with the capacity to carry one or at the most, two passengers. There will be times in that workshop where the moaning chair has been taken, because some joint or other would not fit right. Hugh often sqailed his in th Goolwa area with his comfortable dogs aboard, they did noit do well as ballast however, and the shifting of them in brisk circumstances led to self righting testing on a couple of occasions. It was a very cold, windy day, white topped waves whipping down the Derwent toward Constitution Dock. Dan and four others went off for a long sail down into the Coorong waterway, proving the boats' excellent expeditioning potential.

This small double ender has Shetland working antecedents, but Iain has reworked the old designs to take account of the needs of the modern recreational rower and sailor.
Click Thomas Armstrong Blog for some background as well as some very nice photos of several Iain designed boats. WoodenBoat magazine nor any of our staff or agents bear any liability concerning the correct ownership or inherent safety of these designs or boats. A movie is being made on Iain’s life and work and the crew has been travelling between Europe, Scotland and Australia gathering material. His centrepiece at the show was an Iain Oughtred designed Acorn 15 which was just glorious in its handmade perfection. There I got to row in one of the original boats two place camping rowing boats,, over a hundred years old. The Caledonian Yawl, with it's crew of five, looked very at ease in the unwelcoming Derwent, and I had the feeling that they could have taken much more. He kindly let the film crew take it to the water, launch it, and put Iain in it to row around for the cameras. These 15' boats have been stretched to 17' by virtue of moving the stations equally; that would be even better. The hair creeps on the back of your neck, and for tiniest moment you suspect that you are not alone.
You will know, as you later see this special boat's reflection in the waves, that you will have done credit to and become part of the continuum of that ancient past. Several years ago I accompanied Peter Furze and John Willoughby as they rowed their home built Acorn 11'6" and 15'er, respectively, around Hindmarsh Island, the calcific and mud delta island of the mouth of the River Murray. Seeing her for the first time reminded me of the Sutton Hoo boat in Greenwich, thousands and thousands of years old.

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