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Aquaventure Watercraft Rentals is your best source for renting paddle sports equipment on Lake Norman. Security Deposits: There is a $500 refundable deposit for all boat rentals, $350 for all jetski rentals. Rain Check Policy: If hazardous weather conditions are present during the time of your rental and prevent you from using your boat, we will gladly offer you a rain check or refund. Cancellation Policy: 48 hour notice required for all daily rentals, 7 day notice required for multiple day rentals.
We only rent the same boards we sell: Tower Cliassic Series and Tower Inflatables.
Our weekly rentals are almost half the price of some of our competitors, because we are the brand and we actually sell boards. A great way to introduce yourself to the fun of a stand up paddle board is to do a rental while on vacation or even in your home town. If you’re seriously considering a SUP purchase, I highly recommend taking one or more stand up paddle boarding tours instead of a paying just for a rental. To facilitate that end, we’ve created a directory of some other companies around the world offering paddle board rentals below since our Tower shop is only in San Diego!
Email us a brief on your company and let us know the page where you linked to us and we’ll gladly add your company to our list. Tower Standup Paddle Boards – Find SUP paddles, paddleboard accessories, and the best SUP boards for stand up paddle surfing and flatwater standup paddle boarding at Tower SUP. Stand Up Paddle Boards, also known as SUP, is the perfect combination of surfing and traditional canoeing or kayaking. We offerA self guided rentals (tours are also available), we provide board, paddle, personal flotation device, and all info.
Visit the Oldest Forest Reserve in the Western Hemisphere, considered one of the wonders of the world!A  We take you on a less than 1 mile hike within the paved forest paths down to a beautiful waterfall and natural pool you can swim in. On this tour you sail to the close by Islands of Icacos and Palominos, where the water is crystal clear. Here we visit Flamenco Beach, which is considered the second most beautiful beach in the world by Discovery Channel and by far the most popular beach in Culebra.
The difference between this tour and the kayaking tour in Fajardo is this one is on a boat and you have the option to swim in the water!
Climb hills, roam through rugged terrain and splash through river water on your 2hr four track tour through the foot hills of the Rain Forest! Why walk when you can Segway through the streets of Old San Juan, visiting all the important historical sites the Old City had to offer. Come and explore with us the San Salvador Rainforest, located in the beautiful mountains of Caguas. We are the only ecotourism company allowed in this rainforest, making it immaculately clean and secluded. This exciting full day experience includes four exhilarating zip lines installed with double cable for extra security, one of 400 ft. We cater to any requests, just let us know what you would like to do and we will do everything possible to make it happen.
With the sport of stand-up paddling growing at a high speed, the development of performance SUP boards does not come to a stop.
My joke on the Avanti was when some local boys in Maui asked me how wide the board was I said 18" Hawaiian.
At 205 litters The Big Easy is a great all around SUP that will have a good amount of glide for the flat water.
Extremely stable at 34" wide, the Whopper provides stability to paddle through the most turbulent white water and other difficult conditions. Fin Set-up: Single The most universal board in the Naish line - fits the bill no matter if it's surfing, cruising or even doing downwinders.

Our ASI International Instructors have over 8 years of experience developing lesson plans that make it fun and easy to get started in this fastest growing water sport worldwide! A great way to introduce yourself to SUP is by renting one of our SHARKS (New Inflatable SUP Lineup)! We are nearby Carefree (~ 20 minutes), Cave Creek (~30 minutes), and North Scottsdale (~ 35 minutes), Arizona areas. You can get to us from most places in the greater Phoenix, AZ area in about an hour (give or take). Certification, Training, & ClassesContact us about ASI International Certification and ACE PaddleFit Classes.
We have the best relationship with local hotels like the Coeur d'Alene Resort and Davenport Hotel. In addition, we own and operate our own Adventure Resort a few hours from Spokane for those looking for an all-inclusive outdoor adventure!
DetailsDetailsThe ROW Adventure Center in Coeur d'Alene, ID offers year-round stand-up paddle board rentals. Paddle Boarding is an awesome way to enjoy the water and get a terrific workout while you’re at it!
Deposits can be held in cash or on a credit card and are immediately refunded as long as you return your boat on time and without damage. We highly recommend a weekly rental before you buy so you can take the board out a few times to see if this is a sport you want to take up. The result is you get a much better deal for "trying out our boards". Typically, paddle board rentals will cost $20 an hour, $40 for half a day, and $60 for a full day, any of which work great for those quick vacation adventures. Stand up paddling offers a phenomenal core work out and the opportunity of exploring and enjoying the Flora and Fauna in the waters and shores of Puerto Rico! This experience is truly magical, the Microscopic Plankton in the Bioluminescent Bay lights up when they are touched!
The Catamaran is huge, has a comfortable restroom, slide in the back and an area with a glass bottom. First we take you via boat to Vieques Island, this trip is about 1hr long, drinks and snacks included. This tour is located in the town of Isabela (West Coast), known for its beautiful beaches and sunsets. Our knowledgeable tour guides will enlighten you on the ecology, history and culture of this dramatic region that was once populated by Taino indians. After setting the standard in short board style stand-up boards, we came up with two new designs that are poised to raise the existing standard. This creates more outline curve making it more responsive, yet smooth through turns because of the addition of a fraction more V though the tail. It's an awesome first board for lighter riders in small surf or larger riders looking for superb wave performance with added float and stability. The generous nose width and mono concave up front provides fun nose riding abilities and also lets the board paddle into waves with ease. Maneuvering the board is simple as it turns easily on the spot with its stability, making it a breeze to paddle into waves. Lessons are highly recommended to improve your balance and core strength, making it much easier to paddle stronger and longer. Go to the Marina gate, press the button, tell them you are there for Go Stand Up Paddle and they will open the gate. Available for any length of time, rentals come with a board, paddle, and personal flotation device (PFD).
Just drop on by 202 E Sherman Avenue to grab a board on a first come, first serve basis and head out to the water!

We are located at 202 E Sherman Avenue in Coeur d'Alene, ID (corner of 2nd and Sherman). Our 12′ Paddle Boards are extremely stable and provide an excellent platform for quick trips, long distance touring, or even on-water yoga! We do not cancel for “forecast weather.” Refunds and rain checks are given for ACTUAL hazardous weather. You get a guided tour under the water and can swim to the depth you are more comfortable with, max 12ft. Both boards combine a single-concave entry section in the nose area with a double-concave center section leading into an accelerated V out the tail. The 11'4" provides excellent all-around riding performance and effortless longboard style rail-to-rail carving. The 2011 upgraded Drive retains all the classic characteristics which made it a favorite for being easy to ride, while paddling and on a wave.
I added this on to the order in white ast to save some dollars yet be able to offer a great shape for crusting the Rogue River and the ocean. The pinned out alt section with ample tail rocker ensures good wave riding characteristics for a board of this size. Almost impossible to nose-dive, it catches even the smallest waves with ease, making SUP even more fun.
Suitable for riders even above 200 lbs., the Nalu 11'6" features classic lines, unbeatable construction, and awesome all-around appeal.
The 3D rail protection makes this model resilient against damage caused by the paddle or any other hard objects.
Some SUP rental companies offer weekly rentals for $150 to $200 per week. Then it is off to your tour in the Bio Bay where you board an electrically powered double-pontoon boat.
The increased tail kick allows these shapes to release off the top effortlessly while the center V-section keeps the shape loose and easy to steer during the bottom turn.
The Whopper continues to surprise with amazingly good wave riding characteristics for its width. The slick bottom and soft fins provide additional safety for the rider and their surroundings.
This is the best way to get the true feel of stand up paddle boarding. At the end of the adventure you will enjoy a delicious all-you-can-eat Puerto Rican meal in a typical countryside setting. Unlike many other boards, the design of the 9'0" and 8'5" does not require you to shift body weight over the rocker as much, resulting in a short board-style riding. To cement our place at the cutting edge of performance, Starboard has a high-paced development program. All of the protective features make the Mana 10'0" Soft Top the ideal choice for river runs as well.
As an added benefit, you’ll be thru the learning curve by the end of the week and be in a good position to make a purchase decision.
Perfect for the recreational paddler wanting to tour or drag race whether it be in flatwater or downwind with friends.

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