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Enjoy a few hours or a full day kayaking or canoeing on one of Plymouth’s largest ponds (269 acres).
NOTE: The Google address above may cause problems with your GPS because route 563 has multiple names. Karl K A lot of twists and turns on this swollen creek, dealing with current and low hanging branches and trees. A former member Anyone interested in carpooling from Collegeville area or elsewhere between Philly and Jersey?

Once you pass the camps, you will go through a channel full of lily pads, turtles, swallows and herons, before finally ending at the peaceful Lake Rescue.
The Oswego river passes through a beautiful environment of forest, savanna marshes, bogs and tall stands of cedars. That's 2 billion square feet of storage space or roughly 7 square feet for every man, woman and child.Why not rent out some of the overflow? The full round trip will take several hours, but you can make the trip as long or short as you wish by simply turning around when ready.

Prices are based on a group rate, do not include tax and may go slightly up or more likely down based on group size.

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