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We operate one of the newest yachts on Lake Travis at around half the cost of what you will get with the other companies. Yesterday we had another great crew that came to our great city of Austin for a bachelor party get away! We saw an opportunity to improve what was available in the Austin boat rental scene, especially boat rentals on Lake Travis…We do not offer pontoon rentals like all the other companies, we do however offer a top notch yacht rental experience, at prices competitive with pontoon rentals!

Our yacht is also cleaned and maintained regularly, not some beat up boat that is dirty!  Our captain is the owner of the yacht, so you are dealing with a captain that cares about his business, as well as his customers… So give us a call at (512)981-6409 and schedule your reservation today! Our yacht is chartered, you do not have to drive, dock, anchor, tie up, etc – all we expect from you is to have great time without all the hassles of traditional boat rentals! Definitely reach out to us for your next party boat rental on Lake Travis, we will show a great time that the others boat rental companies cannot compete with.

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