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Come by and see the party barge and talk to the staff about what will make your party or team event so much fun on the water! Our Captains and crew will not only look out for the safety of you and your guests, but they will take your charter to the best part of the lake to make the party as best it can be to satisfy your guests. Weekends and Holidays fill up fast, so if you are thinking of a party or a team event, get it on our calendar now.
The picture doesn't do it justice, you really have to see our 2 story 17' by 50' monster party barge to believe it.

You may have cruised in some of the best party boats around, burning a big hole in your pocket with equally finest price tags, but the “Pontoon” by LA-based designer Christopher Williams is a party boat with difference that provides a luxury retreat for your weekend parties without robbing your bank accounts. Featuring Triumphs’ advanced Roplene construction system, a dual wall system made by roto molding marine-grade polyethylene, the Pontoon also includes super resistant flooring and transparent plastic ensures safety of the sailors, while Actramat acrylic ensures optimum flexibility, fade resistance and good looks. Integrating solar panels on the roof that moves up and down to follow the direction of the sun throughout the day, the sustainable boat also incorporates foldable fabric that spreads over the deck to protect the sailors from direct heat of the sun, other than allowing privacy.
Custom built to carry up to 50 people with a gas grill, rest room, satellite radio and a crew to take you to your party on the lake.

Apart from its opulent aspect, the party boat is build under sustainable lines to double the essence of your festivity floating on the waves.

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