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An opportunity for anyone to get in touch with others for buying and selling items related to canoe-sailing, cruising and camping. Please be aware of scams where interest is shown in buying an item (without even seeing the merchandise), promises made that payment has been sent, including shipping costs - and that the over-payment should be returned, by instant money transfer such as by Western Union.
I made this rig from a bamboo pole and an old Fireball sail (well cut down) many years ago and now want to find a good home for it. Varnished ply decks and light blue fibreglass hull with her name "Slithy Tove" professionally sign-written. 16 feet long version and has had the following fitted by Solway Dory: side buoyancy bags, ash lee board and thwart and a 35sq ft expedition bermudan sail.
I have made several modifications and it comes with combination road trailer and launching trolley. Duffer was called Duffer as a child because he excelled at school; the ageing process converted his handle to The Old Duffer. In the 1960’s Duffer paddled anything he could get his hands on in search of food - mainly fish and edible crabs.
He tells tales about 40lb conger eels slithering over his legs inside a PVC kayak: an evolution that will sort kayak anglers from kayakers.
Attached to the birthday present was a One Star course with the Port of Plymouth Canoeing Association (PPCA).
Armed with the same BCU 4 Star Sea and a Pyranha Acrobat 300 in a tasteful shade of Hot Pink, Bournemouth Canoes was formed and opened near Poole Harbour in Dorset. Another lasting impression for life, we will return to Alaska in the mother of all luxury liners!
Bears, whales, sea lions, orca, sea otters, land otters, bald eagles, humming birds, salmon, the biggest mosquito on the planet and ice.
By now, Leggy was inching towards his degree in Control Systems Engineering and needed a sensible career path. Having enjoyed paddling on the Norfolk Broads and along the coast of East Anglia we found ourselves drawn to Norwich.
The business has grown steadily and managing the same takes a lot of effort and dedication.
We needed a Top Dog to oversee the continued growth of the business and after much head hunting Not Again got the job. Like many people who get bitten by the boat building bug, I decided I had to have a go at a SOF kayak. The BK18 is a very beamy, very stable open deck style kayak reminiscent of the old time folding kayaks. All in all I'm impressed and would recommend the BK18 to any one looking for a large, roomy, stable SOF canoe for camping, exploring or just plain messing about.
The plans come with additional sheets for a sailing rig that from all reports works quite well. These scams are common with internet trading and you should be very wary of any deal that sounds too good to be true, as it usually is! The boat sails really well and with the leeboard hung out on the leeward side will go to windward efficiently, especially with a bit of weight in the bow. It is a fully battened batwing (Dacron) sail with "zippy reefs" so that one can readily reduce the sail area from 32 to 28 or 24 sq.ft as required.
Owing to my location and circumstances since owning the boat it has had little use, all on fresh water.
It is the expedition model with roller reefing around the mast, a Kevlar strip down the bottom, and a "sidecar" for carrying camping gear or (on smooth water) a passenger.

The main modification is the addition of the optional flat sections either side of the hull. Owned by myself for approx 2 years I have had the time of my life sailing it on Coniston water and Bala (Wales).
Complete with two sliding seats, launching trolley, paddles gull-wing floats, all sailing rig, and a new compass, to help with inshore navigation on coastal cruises; a fine example of a sailing canoe. A Answer is a roof rack.A  Thule do make exceeding bad cakes but make the best roof racks available. Leggya€™s girl, now his wife and mother of their children is wholly responsible for Cornwall Canoes. The group has always had a need for a good size store near to the Pyranha factory in Cheshire. Manchester Canoes is now established and happy as a box of happy things going zing zang zooly wea€™re happy.
To do this work in such a manner as to leave our customers with a smile on their faces and help launch them into a lifetime of paddlesport”.
After talking to many people on one hell of a lot of E-groups and forums I was directed to Clark Craft and the BK18 by Windwalker from the Backwoods_Epitaph e-group. I probably went overboard with the number of coats of paint I gave it but I do tend to over-do things at times.
I tried it out against a mate's U-beaut Plastic Kayak and the BK18 out paddles it [much to the mates disgust], but then again the 17 ft length of the BK18 over the 15 ft length of the mates plastic kayak may have something to do with that as well.
I did build the sailing rig but for some reason every time I fit it to the kayak the wind dies immediately. Assembly instructions, air bag, two carry bags, rudder and wooden double paddle are included.
The kit includes assembly instructions, sail bag, aluminium boom attached to the sail, four-piece alloy mast, varnished mahogany leeboard, colour coded sheets and halyard.
Although the batwing sail rig was specially designed for the Nautiraid it could be adapted to fit any open canoe.
Includes rudder, dagger board, rig as pictured + mast extender and old laser 4.7 sail, cover, outboard engine mount, Fyne boat kit outriggers with 2 pairs of crossbeams to allow use as a trimaran or proa.
It makes a very stable fishing platform and is probably the easiest kayak to paddle for the effort that I've used while still being stable enough for me to stay upright [I have paddled easier kayaks but couldn't stay upright long enough to enjoy the ride]. As a trial I had a go at standing up in it and was able to do so without taking a swim which is no mean feat for some one of my size and lack of balance.
This is probably a good thing as my past attempts at sailing have all resulted in me ending up in the water with a very nasty bruise on my head. Built in marine ply, all joints glued and taped and the hull sheathed in glass matting and epoxy to make it abrasive resistant. Included in sale, Outriggers, 2 x paddles, trolley, breathable boat cover, ratchet block and cam cleat. Front,rear and side fitted airbags make this craft exceptionally seaworthy for an undecked canoe. I have some great days with the kids sailing this and of course its still a canoe at the end of the day for just simply paddling. With twin mainsails, it is self tacking and as each float give 250lbs of flotation, there is little chance of a capsize.Osprey is a comfortable expedition boat.
One of the best aspects is that my wife really enjoyed it (she is generally not too keen on sailing) because she has nothing to do and does not feel she is going to be pitched into the water at any moment.
Their tuition and encouragement changed lives and fortunes far beyond the scope of the BCU Star Scheme.

Leggy and The Erk now own Manchester Canoes, Norfolk Canoes and Southampton Canoes and are inching Duffers wheelchair nearer to the care home door a€“ irrespective of what Duffer says the care home will be as cheap as possible! I ended up having to order a painters drop sheet as the only means of getting canvas that wasn't going to break the budget. Not sure of the weight but it is easily car top-able and can be carried short distances by one person. Suggest interested persons Google Nautiraid and Balogh Sail Designs to check current prices of the items and what a good bargain I am offering. Well suited for racing, camp cruising (vast easily accessible lockers fore and aft), or just messing about.
Also two different outrigger beams which give a choice of how high you want the outriggers out of the water. The heaviest part, the main hull, weighs 25 kg, thanks to being built in carbon fibre sandwich.
With twin mainsails, it is self tacking and as each float give 250lbs of flotation, there is no chance of a capsize unless you happen to be in 6 foot breaking waves. Clinker ply construction, high quality light weight ply wood, decked with buoyancy chambers, 2 large access deck hatches. Armed with a 4 Star Sea and a brand new Meridian it was time to form Kayaks and Paddles (Plymouth) Ltd. The Fridge Fairy is still shopping for Britain and will defeat the retail recession on her own!
It has logged speeds of around 12 knots and can be paddled at 3 knots with a double paddle. Several modifications at time I built her include:- Addition of cross beam for lee-boards- Fitted covers fore and aft for single paddling mode for sea use (and dry legs in rain!) Lifting rudder operated from cockpit for coastal beaching Stayed mast and sails (latter "home knitted" from sail cloth) ALL mods can be removed in a couple of minutes to revert to 2-man use and conventional paddling Both this kayak and an identical one built previously have been used in pretty hairy sea conditions in both the Solway Firth and Irish Sea and,(the one shown), more recently the North Sea (pic was taken on a 6 hour trip from the River Deben along coast then up the Orwell to Ipswich, one-man mode). Reefing is easy, the sails just roll round the mast to whatever size you want, they stow away like this too - left on the mast. The design is immensely stable and buoyant- I have never had a sea aboard in the roughest conditions.
The boat is light, even fully assembled two people can pick it up and carry it to the water if required. I rang every supplier that I could find but no go and I ended up ordering direct from ClarkCraft in the USA. My wife and I can easily carry the main hull between us and put it over a wall or whatever to get on the water. Thefloats (outer hulls) can be picked up and put under your arm, the whole thing takes maybe 10 minutes to assemble, the masts are unstayed and simply drop into the hull. I have been canoe camping with my son in it and have even mounted an outboard on it once or twice.
Although not really suitable for a complete novice, (unless used with outriggers available from Solway Dory) can be quickly learnt and enjoyed. The rudder can be raised or lowered from the helm's seat and there is a daggerboard at the side of the hull. It doesn't make much leeway and I would say it points reasonably well but I couldn't tell you the angles.

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