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The goal for the students is to sail a cardboard and a duct taped boat across the pool against their rival peers.
According to Trumble, the group that finishes first and has the fastest time without flooding will receive five extra credit points. Trumble has the students use cardboard and duct tape to make the project easy, affordable, and also recyclable.
This years physics boat race will give classes the opportunity to go out to the pool and observe the fun and exciting race. Sample ThemesTry to choose a "theme" for your boat and costume. There are so many great ideas!
See why high school physics mini-electric motor boat drag racing blows away cardboard boat racing!

Hear the roar of the motor and see this fast boat drag race from 5 meters above the action. The second annual physics boat race is coming back to the SJHHS pool this year in early June.
The students will have to attempt to fit the whole group in the boat staying afloat and refrain from flooding the boat in the pool.
We are starting to learn about buoyant forces and there is no better way than to try and race a cardboard boat,” Trumble says.
Comedy Sportz is an improvisational comedy that started in 1984 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by a group of comedians.
This project applies Physics Content Standards from throughout the year, and is a cool science project that students love.

He clearly thought about his boat's mass & shape, force from the propeller, drag from the water, and circuit design. It was designed to ride on top of the water to reduce drag because of its low mass, shape, propeller angle and powerful circuit.

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