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For the ultimate in quick and easy but highly functional bench tops, go down to the nearest big box home center and ask for a damaged solid core door. I know they aren't called staging anymore because OSHA has decreed that all staging be metal. One nice feature is they are all structural, if you want to install a vise, whale on something, etc.
I figure the dissimilar materials, glued and screwed, give better dimensional stability; and the all lumber ply provides better screw holding.
The hardboard is there because it's relatively cheap and easy to replace, and because it resists glue and at least a little moisture. For actual work BENCHES, I like to laminate hardwood boards, or buy glulam boards, for my frame members.
I like plywood better than the mdf or particle boards because you can drive a screw into it and it will hold better. Another option is to use dimensional framing lumber, rather than maple or oak, and make a solid wood top. This bench is about 20 years old and been used pretty hard , harder than most folks here benches get used anyway.

Getting a left over sheet from a cabinet or ordering a sheet laid up would be less hassle. Both pirogues have 2 bench seats, you can trim her out with your own custom seats if desired. Plywood Canoe If You Want To Know How to Build a DIY Boat Quickly & Easily Please Pay Attention. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Lams hard to scratch , glue can be scraped off it with a slick or wide chisel or putty knife, a stiff one.
It's more work, and very not cheap, but it generally works out cheaper than buying very thick hardwood stock to begin with.
The good news is that you can sometimes buy it as hardwood decking material at a lower cost than furniture grade boards. They'll hold in for a while, but loosen up over time, as the relatively narrow hard bearing surface compresses.
A 24 foot bench this width can be built with no waste of the sheet goods , even if a single layer is used .

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If not maybe cinder blocks , 5 gal buckets full of water , 2x4 as cauls and a bunch of clamps , to do your pressing.
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Build her with brass fittings and a rich wood finish or simple ring nails and a color paint job.

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