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As with all our Plate alloy models, every concept of their design is planned, drawn, built and tested here at the Sea Jay factory. The seat frames have been designed to create a cavity to slide your esky partially under to allow for more deck space.
While the 6.2 Pursuit comes with many standard features, we still offer additional options to further enhance this model like a fresh Water Deck Wash that comes connected to a 75 litre Water Tank (or you can still have a Salt water Deck Wash if so desired), 100ltr Ice Box with a split lid that can conveniently fit inside the seat frame, an upholstered cushion for the Ice Box to create another seat position without losing vital deck space, Chemical Toilet concealed under Cabin Bunks, Electric Anchor Winch for easy Anchor retrieval, Coloured sides to make your pride and joy stand out from the crowd, Trim Tabs and Deluxe Seat Boxes fitted with either an extra passenger Seat or a fully plumbed Sink.
Fitted to this model is a dual roller heavy duty Bow Sprit, a must for effortless anchor retrieval. Fuel capacity plays a major part in planning your trip as running out of fuel in the middle of no where can be out right dangerous. When it comes to plate aluminium boats, customers do not come any more knowledgeable than the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, and they chose Noble Boats International to build their boats for them. Some boats get the centre cabin tag when the cabin is really just a big centre console with wrap around sides, and others where walking around the cabin needs two hands and sure footedness.
The cabin has more space than most fore cabin boats yet the side decks are wide enough for you to comfortably fish all round the boat.

The Walk Around configuration allows easy access to all areas of the boat but offers more storage than a centre console. The Half Cabin configuration allows full protection from sun, wind and spray and the fitment of full screens and side windows.
The result of a custom design, we have moved the console back and added a casting deck with storage underneath. This has been achieved by a combination of a deep vee hull, a 19.5 degree dead rise at Transom, reverse chines and even weight distribution throughout.
Being designed in house using the latest in 3D modelling not only allows the company to construct their Plate Xtreme range with precision, but also the flexibility to redesign instantly to a customer’s request.The bottoms, transom, longitudinal stringers and keel are all made from 5mm 5083 Plate Alloy and are all tied together to the solid 4mm cross bulkheads and fully welded self draining floor creating a structural strength far superior than any pressed boat on the market.
As part of our options range, Seajay can supply a 110ltr esky with a split lid that fits the seat frame cavity perfectly and allows the lid to open without the need to side the esky out every time.
To combat this, the Pursuit comes with 2 x gunwhale shelves, 2 x Side Pockets, Helm and Passenger Pockets and a generous amount of space under the Cabin Bunks.
A large fuel tank of (300) litres is standard within this model giving you a massive range of travel for this size boat.

Aluminium boats: centre consoles, side consoles, centre cabins, cuddy cabin and runabout fishing boats. Then your dreams can come true as you will receive all this and more with the release of the new 6.2m Pursuit. Under the floor is fitted with air chambers as well as buoyancy foam underneath for extra flotation and safety. The esky can also be optioned up with an upholstered lid allowing even more seating positions. For added safety, the Fuel Tank is housed in a separate fuel cell (tank within its own cavity) to eliminate any fuel (or fumes) escaping into the bilge in the unlikely event of fuel spillage.

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