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Would you try repairing this by laying in a new piece of plywood, or just build a new rudder? For background, this rudder seems to have been made with regular fir plywood and covered with epoxy, but not glass. Since I'm not sure what Brian's boat is built from, I hesitate to recommend marine ply as many here prefer solid wood for foils.
I'll say go for it in ply as long as you are comfortable epoxying several layers of ply together and then glassing it. I had a solid-looking rudder blade break on me in a squall because the insides were rotten (just after we bought the boat, no the wooden Mirror but the GRP day sailer). I am now adding horizontal cleats to the bottom of the rudder and will add a few more narrow planks below that to form the curved foot of the rudder.

I am the customer who did the deck repair pictured on your website on the Marine Trader Flybridge. Plywood is made with layers of wood veneer laid with the grains atomic number 85 approximately right angles and so glued together. Timber sealed and fibre glassed all repairs and returned boat into commercial survey standard. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. That was an embarassing experience to say the least as the wind was too strong to steer with a paddle as jury rudder, so we took the sails down and were lucky to get a tow back home from a passing neighbour.
V1.0 01 2008 Using industrial hot melt mucilage guns http glueplywood for hole filling and renovate of plywood and How to repair plywood.

Plywood surface defects stool often be successfully repaired by field repairs to or near its I have a little delamination problem that I view you all might have close to advice for. All I do is re-coat the top every couple of years to keep it looking good which I am going to order the Rhino top to do now.
I attached a picture where I painted the top with a porch paint in January but am not pleased with the paint so I am back to the Rhino!

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