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Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. He started off building the Eureka Canoe and then last year built a OzRacer (formerly PDRacer).
Csaba has done a great job with his Hungarian wooden boat website and he has done the mammoth job of translating the Goat Island Skiff, the Eureka Canoe, the Quick Canoe and the OzRacer (formerly the PDRacer) to Hungarian. It is not often I come across a canoe blog which has excellent tips and advice on canoe construction. I have only put up a couple of the cooler pics of Norm’s Beth, please have a look at the link above to see the whole series. The last few days saw a lot of progress – but Beth attracts so much attention at the boatyard, I think I lost 2 hours each day answering questions! As the first picture shows, the hull is resting on two workmate-type benches, mostly unsupported over its length. The problem only showed up because I had clamped some cross pieces underneath ( you can just see them in the next pic) to give me something to push against when setting the case.
After fixing it up, I proceeded to glue everything in place – quite a set-up if I do say so myself!
So a word to the wise – on a boat with a light plywood skin, beware of sag before you do a final fit! Over the rest of the long weekend I installed the last bulkhead, put in all the stiffeners, made and installed the deck knees, beveled the sheer strake, put epoxy goop into all the little voids and gaps I could find, filleted here and there and generally cleaned everything up ready to coat the interior.
A new photo of an Electric Quick Canoe by Joe Koenicke – click his name for more Quick Canoe Adventures.
It is amazing how things fit together sometimes.  Mixing one of my Quick Canoes with an electric trolling motor. The Quick Canoe Electric is not just a canoe with a transom, it is a purpose designed electric boat with plywood canoe simplicity.  It is easily roofrackable – once you take the one or two batteries out! The boat has the existing Quick Canoe attributes of being very cheap in materials and very simple to build. I ended up following his main ideas but tweaking it a bit to get a little more stability and hit the right numbers for the expected cruising speed.
This plywood electric boat is specifically designed for very low power – the shapes required to go at higher speeds safely are very different from this. If someone decides to put a 5hp on the back the boat will move along at medium speed with its nose high in the air without ever going fast. On his paddling version of the quick canoe, Paul Helbert takes a swimming pool bean bag along so he can maximise the comfort and the stability for hauling fish (or is he just sleeping).
Also its affect on river banks and other paddlers and canoeists will be minimal as it produces so little wake.

I made a vew errors like making the outwhales from two pieces instead of one and having the joint on the curve, it wants to seperate.  I will have to find  way to strengthen that. As soon as we got back from the creek I got to work righting the issue by lowering the seat to the same height as her’s. The extra depth might cause strange steering when going downwind in waves at the higher speeds possible with a trolling motor. How well would this boat work as a fishing boat for two average sized men roughly 160 pounds each, and fishing gear?
Any day it was safe enough to be out there in a paddle canoe, the Quick Canoe Electric will be OK too, providing you have enough charge in the batteries. Also the boat is not drawn with buoyancy tanks (though some are suggested) or foam or airbags.
Paul Helbert uses his very narrow Quick Canoe prototype for fishing by using a swimming pool beanbag chair. I almost always eventually get stories and photos that bear out my design vision for a boat. The mathematics of economy work because the boat is light and slender and designed to be low drag.
Put the same weight in a much heavier aluminium dinghy and see how the trolling motor goes! They stopped heading down the river here as there were no facilities for the ladies beyond. Plans information is here Quick Canoe Electric  There is also a similarly simple paddling version.
Fast and easy boat repairs – particularly if fasteners are eliminated during building! Precut Plywood Kits Available for Storer Boats – UK, Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa. A number of companies can cut kits for some of my boats in Australia, North America and the UK. David is a professional woodworker and was also the first builder of the Goat Island Skiff in North America. David also does boat repairs, fitouts, sparmaking and complete builds and non boat production work. Currently supplies kits for the Quick Canoe and Quick Canoe Electric to the USA and Canada.  The kits are not just precut plywood but contain all the timber to build this simple canoe. Duckflat can supply materials packs for any boat, but also precut plywood kits for the Goat Island Skiff, the PDRacer, The Eureka Canoe, the Handy Punt and the Quick Canoe.  They also can supply foil and mast blanks ready to be final shaped and epoxied.
Fyne are my main plans agent in Europe and the UK and also have put in a big effort in making all my plans and kits available.

Alec will cut almost anything you need.  But in the past he has cut some Goat Island Skiffs. Roy has cut out several Goats and a couple of Eureka Canoes.  South Africa has a similar high performance plywood boat culture to Australia and New Zealand. No worries though, I just talk about how easy it is to build, show them the sail plan, and watch the gleam come into their eyes.
When I was happy with it I prepared to install it by doing a a dry run of the glue up with all the clamps in place. Spira International Boat Plans header graphic There are two worldwide m plywood kayak plans free.
I have a 34 pound thrust Minn Kota trolling motor.  A large deep cycle marine battery that weighs about 50lbs. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. They have spent time developing the first BETH Sailing canoe kits (recommended for experienced dinghy sailors only). When I sit at the back it is very easy to maneuver because the front fin is out of the water (but in case of some wind it is a problem). The prognosis of building a one sheet kayak as presented in the original Prism modest boats like these one and only sheeters are usually made out of thin plywood.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Can be modified in various ways (use your imagination, but ask the designer for his advice first!). When I knee in the middle of the boat it is still easy to move but it is difficult to turn quickly. It turns well, but sharp turns require the cooperation of the two paddlers (meaning for example when there is a sharp turn left the front paddler needs to paddle backwards, and the rear paddler forward).
And fast with trolling motor and under sail (a modification we made with some advice from Michael).
This is an excellent touring canoe – for lakes or rivers, longer distance, also great for fishing because of the stability. This boat uses only 2 sheets of plywood The file includes angstrom step away step tutorial on reading The locate to start when you are intellection of building your possess boat. I think it will accommodate a small drop-in sailing rig very well – I will try that as well soon.

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