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Cee Dubbs has a rather unconventional approach to the process of boat design, ha, that's a bit like saying  Thor Heyerdahl had an unconventional approach to basket weaving. He seems to imagine what the boat will look like in his mind, maybe do a drawing or two, and then he goes straight to building a model. Cee Dubbs also believes that you should cut your suit to suit the cloth, so if plywood comes in 8ft by 4ft boards then it makes sense to design a boat which makes the most of those dimensions. This week we focus on the future, when the world is flooded, when fossil fuels are defunct and when robots do the heavy-lifting. BIO-INSPIRED CAR FRAME: Turtle shells are strong and designed to protect the animal's soft tissue. Designer Chris Robinson, who met his wife 20 years ago in Fukushima Japan, began a project two years ago, after seeing the devastation the tsunami did to Japan. German automaker Mercedes Benz may have a hydrogen fuel cell car in showrooms and ready for sale by 2017. Researchers at MIT have developed the first self-contained autonomous soft robot that's able to perform an escape maneuver almost as quickly as a real fish. Stephen Power was wearing a helmet when his motorcycle crashed in 2012, but parts of his face still got crushed in the accident.
A system that combines brain scanning technology with brain recording and virtual reality can now allow a researcher to journey through a person's brain in real-time.

To replicate the wild ricochet effect of the original game, the puck is lighter and flatter than a real hockey puck. While the current rink is a kid-sized prototype, AirBlade creators have bigger goals on the horizon.
The company is currently soliciting funds via Kickstarter and will be hosting 3-on-3 youth matches in May to promote the new sport. As you'll see the curves are all parallel and there are only two measurements, you can work out the rest yourself. A concept car inspired by the reptile was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show by German automotive supplier EDAG. This interesting concept called Noah's Ark, from Serbian designers Aleksandar Joksimovic and Jelena Nikolic, shows one solution. Robinson lives in Palo Alto, Calif., which theoretically could get hit by a big wave under the right conditions. And while many labs are working on this technology, researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a graphene-based version capability of folding and unfolding into a three-dimensional box that can serve as a container for hydrogen. The robot, which has a soft exterior powered by fluid flowing through flexible channels inside, was built to demonstrate the myriad configurations a flexible robot can achieve compared to a rigid one with hinges.
In a project to reconstruct the man's broken cheekbones, top jaw, nose, and skull, maxillofacial surgeon Adrian Sugar and team members from the Centre of Applied Reconstructive Technologies in Surgery and the National Centre for Product Design and Development Research produced a 3-D model of Power's head and then used 3-D printing technology to create the replacement parts. Philip Rosedale, creator of the game Second Life, and Adam Gazzaley, a neuroscientist at the University of California San Francisco, showed off their Glass Brain at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive festival in Austin, Tex. In addition to the basics of walking, trotting and kicking, it can now maneuver over a wide variety of terrain, recover from a stumble and stay on its feet even when whacked by a 25-pound bag.

Now it looks like another one of our favorite recreational games a€” air hockey a€” is getting the live-sized treatment. Just like its diminutive arcade version, AirBladea€™s 24-foot-by-40-foot rink features air forced through small holes on the playing surface, producing a zero-friction cushion of air on which the puck floats. Theya€™re finalizing the engineering and construction of what will become the 85-foot-by-200-foot AirBlade Professional Extreme Rink, featuring 2.2 million airflow holes and 10-foot embankments behind the baseline to accommodate trick shots. The concept was meant to demonstrate how large-scale 3D-printing could be used to manufacture the entire body of a durable car. Although the technology cannot reveal what a person is thinking, the brain activity captured by a cap studded with electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes paints a lovely picture of brain activity. Developers envision a massive double-elimination air-hockey tournament this summer at a major sports arena in Detroit. The submarine-shaped boat he designed, called Tsunamiball, is built from marine-grade plywood covered in xyletol and epoxy. If you want to SELL things that is fine but showing us whats possible then charging us to see HOW is just BS, seriously I call shenanigans.

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