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I was wondering if anyone had an idea about where I could get a design for a simple plywood sailboat along the construction lines and time to build the six hour canoe. Apparently, from what I can tell, someone designed an algorithm for folding proteins, chemicals and other very small things, in very specific shapes and being very efficient about it.
Now, that sounds lame and boring, but if you realize that most things on planet earth that aren’t made of wood or plastic, once started out as a flat thing, then it should quickly dawn on you that if you design a better way to shape flat things into 3D objects than the human brain can, and do it in shapes that waste the least amount of material. So this new system would appear to be applicable to building smaller boats in a nearly curved manner, using less waste material than traditional ways.
I’m not sure how you would solve the straight edge, flat panel problem, but plywood is quite flexible, especially when you cut it in to thin strips, as this program seems to like to do. Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S.
Gifted Amateur Boatbuilder Chris Perkins has laboured during some of the most difficult boatbuilding weather to produce the prototype of the new RAID41 (this is the building photoset. Anyway Brian Pearson, the owner of the boat has just been to pick it up and bring it to warmer climes.
Brian will be rigging her and trying to get her ready to sail at the Beale wooden boat event supported by Watercraft Magazine.
The design is meant to be flexible and fulfil a range of needs being built as a lightweight flyer or a slightly more sturdy Expedition boat. Chris has been great about feeding back through the building process and we have nutted out some simplifications that will save quite a bit of labour and solid timber.

While walking along the north end of Lake Union last night Katya and I ran into a couple assembling a homemade sectional plywood sailboat.
For a couple very interesting sectional kayak designs, check out Dick Mahler's stitch and glue plywood 3-piece Pygmy Arctic Tern 14 and sectional skin-on-frame Greenland kayak built by Lodro Dawa of Monkcraft Kayaks.
I remember a web site describing the design and construction of a nice looking plywood sloop rigged mini cabin sailboat (16'-17' LOA probably).
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I am currently building a small speedboat but time and money have put a slow down on the project and I think that a quick and easy sailor that I can get out on the water in fast might be the inspiration that I need to get me going again.
At 12' x 44" it is not very voluminous but that's a concession that has to be made for a quick build.
A three panel hull, one ply bulkhead and a seat top that re-inforces the sides, the bulkhead and the daggerboard trunk.
This is important for knowing how proteins fold and creating drugs to cure cancer, among other things. This radius is quite large, and boats smaller than ~28′ have hulls that regularly use a bending radius smaller than what plywood will typically do, particularly in the important areas below the water line. It appears to only cut up the individual pieces in to straight edges (though at odd angles), and doesn’t waste a lot of wood (20 sheets of plywood at $12 each begins to add up).
It’s certainly worth looking into, especially if you can paint it with a Dazzle paint scheme.

The builder has a background in engineering and designed the boat to be able to store it in a small space, such as a condominium storage unit.
The mast and sails were salvaged from a smaller 11 ft sailboat that the builder found on CraigsList.
There is a guy there that just today posted some construction photos of the Kingston 15 he is building.
Particularly nice from the cockpit with the long sweeping bows flowing off into the distance. Katya and I were on our way to watch A Clockwork Orange at the Fremont Outdoor Theatre so, unfortunately, we couldn't stick around to see the boat complete. I guess that my only real stipulations are that it can carry my 215 lb frame and be at least somewhat pleasing to look at and of course simple and cheap to build.
Rather than all the weight on the keel and bouncing from side to side on the trailer bunks as per wine glass shape, she just sits there all square and steady.
The bow is split into two sections so that it can nest into the forward (daggerboard) section. Note the rubber insulation strips at the corners of the forward section to protect the corners when the bow sections are nested.

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