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Built as a tender for a 1946 classic McGruer sloop, this Iain Oughtred Humble Bee is probably the first to be built traditionally from larch and oak. With gunwales and seat risers from Honduras mahogany (surplus from a restoration job on a Thames gig) and oak thwarts, the dinghy has a lug rig and centreboard. Once again Iain’s immaculate plans needed no interpolation, and only details such as the mast support, rubbing strips, bilge runners and knees were left to our imagination.

The tender was built by Dan Johnson at Viking Boats workshop, with spars and finishing by myself. Viking Boats version is 8ft 1in, the exact length to allow it to sit on the coachroof of Kelana. The extra length draws out the shape a touch, and makes for more elegant lines, given the generous beam of the original.

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