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Location: Australia Houseboat pontoon We intend to build a houseboat using 44 x 55 gallon plastic drums for the pontoons. 200 litres displaces 200 Kg of water, so each drum half submerged will displace (support) 100Kg so 44 of them will support 4.4 tonnes. Location: Waikato, New Zealand Q, could there be a problem with the drums collapsing?
Tow the dock with a boat, watch how the barrels move through the water, you'll see how much framework it takes to keep them from escaping, turning, rolling & plowing. Location: Australia Is there anyone who knows of someone who has built a houseboat using either 55 gallon plastic drums or 45 gallon steel drums?
I'm currently building a Houseboat (see attached picture), I spent 5 years planning, looked at using drums as floatation but they can't handle the weight amassed when building the house on top.
The formula given above is correct for working out displacement and 4.4 tonnes is not much when it comes to building a boat.

I can build hulls (painted in 2 pac primer and top coat) and deck structure ready for house construction for $22,000.00 in approximately 2 months. As per the reasoning that the cold water will make the barrells shrink, then just fill the barrells on a cold morning so the air inside is already at a lower ambient.
Location: Turkey I am also looking at using plastic barrels mainly because I dont want to work with fibreglass and resins. I am still hoping to see some more photos on Matts boat and learn about the hull base he used. Location: gold coast Just signed up to this and havent any idea how to start a new thread! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Pulling double duty as a sport and fishing boat, the Princecraft Sportfisher 24 LP4S Pontoon Boat 2008 offers you and your family double the fun.

Can anyone tell me what weight these will support, assuming the water line will be half of the submerged drums. Simply sealing them up on a hot day and then chucking them in a cold river will cause the air in them to contract, putting 100 Kg on top will also push the sides in, maybe they should have some pressure in them? Do you have access to free barrels or are not sure you can build another type of watertight structure? Built solid with 5052-H36 marine grade aluminum alloy, the Sportfisher 24 LP4S features sealed pontoon bulkheads and a pressure-treated wood deck covered with marine grade carpet.
Princecraft has installed a pedestal-mount removable snack table with drink holders on this pontoon boat, as well as an ice chest thata€™s located under the bow folding fishing seat.

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