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For news on Veada, boat seat product updates, and information about special promotions, please enter your e-mail address below. Additional custom colors for Pontoon Bench Seat W111 Standard 75 inch available upon request. Enjoy the next day on your pontoon with pontoon seats from Veada.& You won't be let down after Veada's pontoon seats have brought relaxation back to life. Boat seats are working out fine, we re-arranged the pontoon boat seating on our pontoon boat - the two large seats are located towards the front of the boat. The boat seats were as we ordered color wise, but i did not know they would have a wood frame.
Additional custom colors for Deluxe Rear Aft L Bench Boat Seat Group with Lounge and Arm available upon request. This Boat Seat grouping will give you a comfortable and versatile set of seats to finish off the rear of your pontoon. Additional custom colors for Pontoon Bench Seat RE05RL With Arm 63 inch available upon request. If you are looking for more seating room on your pontoon boat, you have come to the right place! The Talon Line of seats are made special with double stitch sewing while using Darcon Polyester Thread. Additional custom colors for Pontoon Bench Seat W105 Standard 64 inch available upon request. Fit your pontoon boat with new pontoon boat seats and experience the comfort and relaxation soon to follow. We have received our purchase of pontoon seats, but due to the weather, the pontoon seats are still in their boxes.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased i am with my new pontoon boat seat.
Other than a little delay getting it delivered from YRC, it has really worked better than hoped for fit and style and just plain easy to deal with.
We haven’t actually completed our boat yet but i think the seats will fit in there very nicely.
While the smaller boat seat sits towards the back of the boat this opened the deck from the front end to the rear.
We had a lot of flooding in our area so it was a month or so before we could put the new boat seat on the boat. Boat Seat Hinges secure the cushions to the benches, and the cushions lift easily to reveal a storage compartment in the base of the benches offering you additional space for your boat storage. I would love to find out if i can purchase some of the material for a piece not a available on your site that i need recover.
This extra large 54" Wise Talon Pontoon Boat Seat Bench will give you extra seating room on your pontoon boat! The workmanship, quality, and general appearance are really fantastic; it also fit perfectly in my pontoon boat.
My order shipped yesterday as was stated and i received a call from the freight company this morning to set up a time for delivery. I bought the lowest cost seats you had for an old rental pontoon boat of mine that was in need some restoration. Unfastened, the cushion on the Corner bench can be removed to reveal a storage compartment in its base. Thank you for a very smooth transaction, i'm sure that the seats will be just what i expected.

Since I picked my color scheme very carefully (gray and 2 tones of bue), I was surprised and disappointed to see that.
So we're enjoying the boat seats and the new seating arrangement, however my wife wants her own captians chair, which i'm still trying to get use to that idea.Maybe, later on this year i'll order one, however it will be a chore to bore a hole in the deck directly across from my captain's chair. I did not want to put much money into the boat because of it's age and i will sell it in a couple of years.
We stripped it down to bare floor, so i will send you before pictures and then when the project is complete i will send after pictures. We are going to install the console and the captain chair in the spring , when the weather is warmer.
The only thing that we were a little disappointed in was the driver for the freight company didn’t call when he would be arriving. This one worked out fine and I am not even sure we need a fixed installation, which would be great, since I need to get behind the seat for numerous items. We stripped it down to bare floor, so I will send you before pictures and then when the project is complete I will send after pictures.
Everything was built and shipped when you said it would be and came to the resort in fine shape.Thank you very much.
The notes indicated he would, and my husband was not there when they arrived to inspect them for any kind of damage.The ones we have unpackaged appear fine.
We took all the original pontoon furniture and boat carpet out and put new carpet and then pontoon furniture from Veada back in and has really turned out great.

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