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Sometimes it's nice to have a little more boat, and that's exactly what you get with the Skykomish Sunrise.
I guess I must have gotten the one that got away.Boat showed up from UPS with a hole punched in the side of the box.
After researching Pontoon Boats for the last 6 months I can honestly say that the Skykomish Sunrise surpassed all my expectations. I have been running these boats for years but late last fall someone stole my Skykomish out of my truck and i had to replace it. Overall I am very satisfied with the overall design and construction of the Skykomish Pontoon Boat. When it came time to purchase a new pontoon I searched all the reviews online, including the ones here for this pontoon. I also ordered the two stage K Pump which works great with the boat, and carry it onboard under the seat. The boat tracks well, and is quick in the water with the longer water line of the 10' 5" pontoons.
Assembly is pretty straight forward if you read the online instructions coupled with the low quality ones they send with the boat.
The only problem I had was that one of the two piece oars was slightly bent at one end where they connect together and couldn't be assembled. Holiday Marine, located in Central Florida, has great deals on new and used Sweetwater Pontoon Boats.
A brand new pontoon boat for every budget minded family is represented even more through the 2015 Sweetwater lineup. If cruising is your passion, the Sweetwater Pontoon Boats generate a smooth ride with ample seating to entertain up to 10 and 15 respectively.
For the avid fisherman, there are plenty of available fishing options on the 2015 Sweetwater. The Sweetwater 186 and 206 fish and cruise models are quickly becoming the most popular new pontoon boats on the market today. The sweet news is you can get a beautiful pontoon boat with boat and motor packages starting at less than $18,000. Located in central Florida, Holiday Marine,  just north of Orlando and South of Ocala, in Leesburg.
There are plenty of pontoon boat manufactures out there today,  But how many of them can boast that they've been building boat's for half a century? Just as Godfrey Pontoon did in 1958 with the unveiling of custom upholstery with protective covers, pressure-treated decks with life-time warranties, convertible canopies and enclosed outboard motor compartments; Godfrey Pontoon Boats continues to be the leader in pontoon boat innovation. The Riot-Kayaks-Escape-12-Angleris a sit on top flat water kayak that is 12 feet in lengthand is great for lake fishing.

The Classic-Accessories-Colorado-Inflatable-Pontoon boat has all the elements that anglers need for a great day on the water. As everyone else has stated the assembly instructions are a little hard to follow so take your time putting it together. Damage was a small scrape on pontoon and a broken buckle on one of the bags.Biggest issue as most have noted is the directions.
The fabrication, fit & finish are extremely well done leaving little or no place for doubts that this boat is the standard that other manufacturers have to aspire too.
Combine the quality of the product with Cabela's famous customer service and you have a winner.
It has a great warranty and when you buy it from Cabelas you can be assured you will get the service you expect. They provide additional storage space, more comfort for many hours on the water, and accessories like rod holders that make an anglers life easier when on the water. Here are three options that provide comfortable fishing, great quality products and accessories that will make your days on the water a pleasure instead of a frustration. It enables the angler to slide the standing platform under the seat and fold the lean bar back and completely out of the way when not in use.
Also, the customer service at North Fork Outfitters (manufacturer) is great, you actually get to talk to a real person. When that didn't fix the problem they talked me through how to remove the valve and wash it since sometimes sand can get in the valve and cause it to stay open. After watching the tutorial from the manufacturer, assembly was quick and pain-free, giving me confidence that a day on the water will be an enjoyable experience. It appears that there might also be some additional configurations possible with the feet support portion of the frame. I would recommend that you also purchase some additional products so you will have everything you need to get it ready for the water. I had a flaot trips with 15 canoes and I had to work twice as hard to keep up and even then I was the last to finish a 14 mile river trip.
Check your local regs, most states require you to register the craft if it has any form of mechanical propulsion. If you visit the manufacturer's website, they have a pretty good online set of instructions.
Make sure you use some kind of snake to pass a quarter inch anchor line throught the frame to the roller at the back of the frame. It has a great combination of stability and performance with enough room to carry all your gear. Pay particular attention to the routing of the straps so they don't interfere with the movement of the casting deck.

I added a seat extension and swivel which make it easier to stand up and give you a great view of the water ahead and fish below you. The standing platform is easy to slide into position and once you are standing up on it, catching fish is a blast. I should mention they told me if washing the valve did not work they would have a new pontoon out to me right away. The only other modification I made were adding a couple of Scott fly rod holders and stainless eyes on the cargo platform for securing items to the deck. From the value based Sweetwater 186 pontoon boat to the Sweetwater 220 Wet Bar, we have the boat for you. It is an inflatable boat creating a compact storage and can be transported in the trunk of a car. The Classic-Accessories-Colorado-Inflatable-Pontoon will carry up to 400 pounds and has a river rating for class 1. Constructed of strong, lightweight, 6061 aircraft aluminum, the eight-piece modular powder-coated X5 frame assembles and disassembles quickly and easily without the need for any tools. Seat is fixed position where a swivel would be nice Handles well on the water but is really hard to handle loading and launching.The pontoons have no sacraficial coating so they show slight abrasion from being dragged over sand and gravel to get to the water and back to the truck.
The Riot-Kayaks-Escape-12-Angler has an anchor trolley system, a front hatch and hatch cover, an integrated console comes with a molded cup holder, 2 4 inch deck plates, 2 paddle hooks and a rear deck storage compartment.All features that make a day on the water a pleasurable experience. They need more detail and photos with arrows to explain which parts they are talking about. The oars, oarlocks, and oarrights that come with the boat are very good and handle whitewater and the inevitable rocks you encounter with ease. The oar stand hold the oars so you do not have to worry about losing an oar when you are managing your rods. The Solstice-30400-Voyager-4-Person-Boat comes with swivel oar locks that keep the oars in place while you are enjoying the water.
Sorry but I think I would have been better off getting a smaller boat with a shorter warranty.
The Classic-Accessories-Colorado-Inflatable-Pontoon also has a motor mount that can be used for trolling. The Solstice-30400-Voyager-4-Person-Boat has an optional motor mount, which allows you to get across the water faster.

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