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The Sanpan 2500 UL has a unique U shape rear sofa lounge area that is perfect for entertaining 15 of your friends or family on the water! Max Manufactured Dock Accessories are produced in their Jackson, Michigan plant using the latest CNC machining technology. Visit the MaxFacts page to learn more about specific accessories and there use or visit your Authorized Max Dealer to see first hand the Max difference. Maxlocs are patented because of their unique clamp and dock section stringer bracket system. MaxStands are used with Standard, Signature & Premier dock sections and are the preferred choice in moderate to hard bottom surface installs.
Max UniversalDock Trianglesare designed and offered for each Max dock line including Premier, Lochdoch, Standard Dock and Signature. Max Vertical Dock Bumpers help protect your boat and dock from possible damage when docking your boat or when friends visit on their boats. Max Foot Pads are designed for specific applications the MaxStand feature the angled Max lunar pad. Each accessory has been designed by their in-house designer to add to the overall value of a Max dock system and to eliminate costly maintenance and quality issues found on lesser built dock products.

They are easily attached with included hardware kit, providing additional strength, beauty and functionality especially when platforms and L or T configurations are added to your dock layout. These 36" non-marring vinyl bumpers are attached to Max heavy duty aluminum bumper brackets specially designed for different applications. The Max vinyl dock bracket is designed to use the Max Stack Frame so the cleat is not relying on the strength of the vinyl decking. Max Stands and Maxlocs are the foundation for which Max Standard & Premier dock sections are supported, and each have unique features not found on other dock support systems.
Their angled stance adds stabilityand diagnonal bracing adds strength, they come standard with two adjustable poles, and two Max angled lunar foot pads.
Each step can be either attached directly to your dock system or optional back legs can be purchased to allow the step to free stand.
They are available in Anodized Aluminum or Thru Flow tan, gray or white decking panels with aluminum frame. Max offers a universal dock pole version, Maxstand & Maxloc versions in addition to a Premier Custom bumper. The Max side stringer cleat bracket gets bolted on the side of the dock stringer and the Premier Custom cleat bracket utilizes the track system on the Premier stringer.

Max suppliers provide Max with a durable composite augers and cast mud augers these products are used primarly on Maxlocs or Max shore mount collar installations.
Max dock triangles, MaxSteps, benches, kayak racks, solar light brackets, cleat mounts, dock bumpers, end caps, augers, foot pads and numerous support brackets round out the Max manufactured dock accessory line. MaxSteps are availbe in 3 foot and 4 foot widths, three tread colors and up to twelve steps in height, custom configurations for shore approaches including landing platforms are available. Visit the MaxSteps page to determine what size step you will need to make entering and exiting the water easier.
What ever Max dock you choose we have a cleat mounting system for you that is strong and safe.

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