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I liked the banking of the ESP package, but heard that with a number of people on board that cruise speed suffers.I wouldn't worry about that. Of all your possible options, the ESP has the most surface area in contact with the water, hence the most resistance. We also carry quite a few friends, the XL package gives us the load capacity and the extra speed.
At any rate, if you missed it, here was my reply:Thanks for the input, as well as the others who have replied. I'm trying to decide which selection of pontoons to make, and thought who better to ask than current owners.
We boat on a private lake and on the Colorado River (Parker Az) the river is 10 miles long and it can get rough!

I live on a rather large lake (Winnipesaukee) in NH, and it can get quite choppy with both wind and boat traffic.
You're on a big lake and the 3 tubes are a great idea and then you have to ask yourself, what are you going to use it for, do you want performance (turning) or the best top speed. I grew up on Lake Erie, near Dunkirk, so I've seen much worse than the pictures you attached. With all the new technology in pontoons these days, it's hard to figure out how one differs from the next. I'm particulaly interested in the ESP package and the Express package, though some have even suggested the SPS package. I think the only lake in new England that's bigger than Winnipesaukee is Lake Champlain and if you don't take it seriously, it can kill you.

I was out on Lake Erie once, on a glassy calm night, when a stiff (10 to 15 mph) breeze came out of nowhere. Yes, I've driven the ESP and the Express (I think that's the one I was on) at my local dealer, and I did notice a difference. On the other hand, the Express package isn't reported to slow as much with a few extra passengers, but it doesn't bank as well in the turns. My question to the forum knowledge bank is, "What do you have, and why did you choose that setup?" Not too difficult a question.

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