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For those that still have to power load, well bless their hearts for their inability to see or appreciate others. Wonder just how many of you and those overall actually live on PRV land and thus pay to make these ramps perfect and accomodating? LOL at the idiots that have never tried to load a boat in the wind at any of the PRV ramps.
The Marlon MC-3 Dirt Bike Trailer is exactly what an off road motorcyclist needs to transport up to three bikes to the trails or track! Serving The Marine & Motorsports Industries with top brands such as Karavan, Shoremaster, Marlon Products and more since 1976.
I dug around and found others who had that same ramp, all with the same info so not much other than I guess the overall demensions. Years ago the Rez and DWFP officials suggested if boaters would stop power loading, the ramps would last longer as well as improving fish habitat near ramps.

This is about as stupid of a reason I have ever heard for PRV's lack of maintenance to the reservoir.
Oversized heavy duty trailer frame with mesh floor for those who are starting or those experienced but would like the extra security of a place to put their feet when loading or unloading. On another note i know the reservoir is not a flood contol lake but what is the reason for raising and lowering the water levels? Perhaps if they would run the reservoir more like a business they would have more money to spend on required maintenance.
Is overcrowded and I would hate to have to wait for folks to load in front of me with no power. Trailer comes standard with a heavy duty storage box, 3 gas jug rack and convenient tie down locations. Motorcycle ramp is conveniently stored on the trailer frame while traveling and easy enough to get at for loading and unloading.

People want to their right to privacy, bear arms, speech, religion, all the constitutional guarantees but as soon as something happens they're not happy with the first thing they want is more regulation, more laws, more control, more governmental power.
Instead of sending employees home in inclement weather like today, they allow all their maintenance personnel to just ride around all day and waste gas. I only want people to police their own actions, so other people won't feel like the government has to do it for them.

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