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Sorry gotta work now!  I am putting together the pics of the little ceremony with the name reveal. Oh, I didn"t realize she was in California, thought she was North Carolina, then yes, they have it right. Your boat is a big investment, and it’s crucial to do what you can to keep it in good shape. It isn't the most secure thing in the world, but it was easy to mount in my console and stores a lot of small misc items. PONTOON PATS BOAT PONTOON PATS BOAT not adhere well to it even after washing the area in warm soapy fresh water and allowing it time to dry before the repair but during.

PONTOON PATS BOAT the screw extractor a reverse threaded and tapered rod somewhat like a tap that bites into a hole you drill inside the broken fastener PONTOON PATS BOAT. I went back to Ebay and its been over 60 days since I got mine so I can"t seem to pull up the name of the store I purchased it from but it was someones E-bay marine store similar to your links. However, if you want your pontoon boat to last for more than one summer, you have to take care of it. Even if you feel that caring for your boat is a tedious and time-consuming process, it still needs to be done. Linda you will have to cut your own holes and I had to get a longer vent hose for mine to work but I"m sure Mr.

Your pontoon boat can run smoothly and look like new if you use the tips below as you get ready for summer. I am mentally designing a grill for the Dive Shack and am tossing around ideas I have seen here. A name gives your boat character and an ability to stand out from the other boats in the dock.

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