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Location: Texas simple catamaran hull design I've been trying to design a simple-to-build catamaran, and I've come up with this hull design.
Location: Texas Well, I live by a good sized lake, at its deepest part its probably 30 feet deep. Location: USA You may want to consider a cross section shaped more like a U than a V. Location: Miami Catamaran keel design I have a P43 Privilege, 25 ft beam, 26000 lbs displacement with fixed keels.
Underway, either under power or sail, especially in shallow water and hull speed over 8 knots, the boat tends to squat, progressively until the bow raises and the water line at the transom (i.e. I have extended the swim platforms 48 inches which has resulted in adding at least 2 knots to the hull speed. At the next haulout, I am considering changing the shape of the keels to a foil shape, similar to a conventional aircraft wing but symetrical on both side and tapering the trailing edges to less than 1 inch. Location: Milwaukee, WI James Wharram desings cats that have a section and don't have keels or centerboards.
Location: Rainier, Oregon Here's one simple catamaran design that sounds similar. I've more-or-less figured out the rig, and now I'm working on hull-rocker (the curvature of the keel is important to the maneuverability of the boat), and cross-sections next. Rather than bother with dagger boards, I intended to use long keels that were to be half the length of the hulls. Of course, any other catamaran on the lake would blow my design away in a race (but maybe not if it were asked to cary the same payload).
Originally Posted by emcmia I have a P43 Privilege, 25 ft beam, 26000 lbs displacement with fixed keels.
I have one brand new available (left over from my old rental operations) if you're interested. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Theres more than enough room to cruise for hours, and theres plenty of people sailing larger boats (20 to 30 feet) on it.
The pic I saw posted would be easy to build but extremely difficult to turn and would have a terrible draft. This is not his exactly because I made a Tornado with this method in the early 70's from instructions I received in the mail form someone. Each keel is approximately 14 ft in length and extend about 24 inches below the rounded hull form resulting in a total draft of 48 inches.
Hobie 14s (only for sailing solo) and Hobie 16s (for sailing solo or double) can be had for a couple hundred dollars, usually with a trailer (put a hitch on your dad's pickup).

A rounded-V, however, could be easier to build and is almost as efficient as the famous rounded U-shape.
But my design would be twice as fast as the same size mono (with the same level of crudeness) and would be able to be so, placedly. I'm pretty much just looking to build a nice cruiser that can carry 2 people, but can be sailed by one. The V-shape is the worst hull design to date, giving the least amount of bouyancy and the most wetted surface.
Catamarans need to have at least an 11:1 fineness ratio (11 units length per 1 unit width). Also (it was hoped) that the flat bottoms, which would be half the beam of the hulls, would get up and plane under really blowing conditions. I would also like to fish from it, but thats not really going to effect the boat design very much. It will have canted hulls and dagger boards and hopefully blow every other 14' design (and some 16' designs) away. Besides, there is room for doubt how well one would stand with such a simple stay arrangement. I am going to introduce a discussion of trim foils to address these problems, and likely some of the solutions will be retro adaptable.
I'd prefer it to be as fast or a little faster than my friend's canoe with the 2 of us rowing.
I've tried searching on google, but I really can't find much information on building catamarans, and especially not simple ones.
I would also like to have something that can be disassembled easily and either car-topped or truck-bedded. I planned on a low aspect ratio rig which would be simpler, cheaper, and less hassle to set up.
I imagine it would need oversized rudders however, since it probably wouldn't want to turn very well. My firebird doesn't have a trailer hitch and I dont plan to add one because it would just look like crap I can however borrow my dads pickup (also no hitch on it) for launching. My ultimate goal is to simply have a working design, whether its of my own creation or not.
Their asymetric design and volume distribution (and no pylons) make them infinitely superior.

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