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When you spot a leak, wipe off the soap with your rag and circle the area in permanent marker. Finally, using your toluene glue, apply a generous, coin-sized (and coin-thickness) amount of glue over the pinhole leak.
Let the patch dry overnight or for a few hours, then tuck the bladders back into their cases by grabbing the inside of the tip of the case and holding it to the tip of the bladder while you stretch the case back to its full length. Repairs made this way last for years, but they will be strongest if you leave your boat inflated as much as possible.
I need information on where I can find a repair kit for the casing on a water skeeter pontoon boat. We are available to support customer needs in theMid-Atlantic region Whatever you need for your electric powered boat(no gas boats), we can provide. The Classic Pontoon Boat Repair Kit includes everything you need to maintain and fix your inflatable boat in an emergency. Give yourself peace of mind when you're out on the water with the Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Repair Kit.
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When you’ve found and circled all your problem areas, hose off the bladders so they do not remain soapy. If you're taking your inflatable boat out on some extended trips far from home, make sure you're prepared for anything with the Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Repair Kit.
Plus, mechanical parts like spring clevis pins and non-corrosive coated oarlocks keep your pontoon boat secure and your oars in running order.
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The kit packs up compactly and fits in a pontoon boat's cargo pocket for instant access when you need it.
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