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Years ago, Tony Sandoval and his wife, Lea, were tired of the kind of performance they were getting from their 22-foot pontoon with a 90 hp four-stroke engine on the back.
The Sandovals went shopping, but they didn't look at any three pontoon models, but instead ended up finding a 2006 Sweetwater that they liked. Dave and Ginger Schaefer purchased the company after finding success with the product themselves. When Tony purchased his second Pontoon Water Glide from the new owners, he noticed the product had been refined to promote ease of installation. The Pontoon Water Glide is a fiberglass foam-filled planing hull that mounts under the center of a pontoon boat. After adding the Pontoon Water Glide to their 24-foot Sweetwater, Tony and Lea found those same positive results they experienced with their first Glide.
With the help of his friend Tim Carpentier, Tony installed the Water Glide and again raved on how easy the process really is. I would find some used 2x cedar deck boards for the framing, find someone that builds decks or search free boards on Craigslist. Pete, saw your comment about Kenny's roof, I can't tell how old this thread is but I have a 8x9.5 foot aluminum roof off a Harris listed on Pittsburgh Craig's List. Kenny, if you are still considering building the enclosure on your pontoon and will not be needing your existing aluminum roof, would you consider selling your existing aluminum roof? The number one issue is the size of the pontoon logs -that is what determines the weight you can carry. Location: Lakeland Fl USA Stodgy old dude that I am, I never understood why a pontoon boat needs to go fast.

Value in the mind of the customer is how much it costs him to cruise to where he wants to go. I have always thought that there was a market for a better, more efficient pontoon boat, and if you can produce your hull for somewhere near the price of the aluminum tube ones, you should be able to sell it.
Location: Ontario Not sure about Florida, but there's definitely a market for a faster pontoon boat up in Ontario cottage country. Location: fl Thanks Matt Our boat will handle 1-3' pretty well,one of our good customers just took his boat from Sarasota to key west,he ran the coast to naples and refueled and shoot across fl bay,it was a 32X 10 tritoon with a 225 merc,he said he cruised at 32 mph,said he was out to the light house every day diving ,he's planning another trip to key west with a trip from key west to fort jefferson in tortougas! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Looking on the Internet with the hopes of finding a well built, good looking and affordable houseboat I kept coming back to the photos of this one. The two 23-inch diameter pontoons just didn't give them enough flotation when it came to boating on the upper Mississippi River. And like their first pontoon, this one also had two 23-inch diameter pontoons, but they knew another call to the Pontoon Water Glide headquarters could fix any performance doubts they might have. The company was previously owned by the inventor Leroy Price and his daughter and son-in-law Donna and Trent Burkdoll, but they had sold their business since. It is now sold as a kit containing the Performance Sheeting to skin the underside of the boat and it includes all the stainless steel hardware required to install. It has 700 pounds of flotation built into it, which, along with the planing characteristics of the hull, lift the boat, greatly reducing the hull's drag in the water. In the meantime I enquired about other boats located on various Quebec rivers but none caught my fancy like this one.

The 24-foot Sweetwater with a 90hp two-stroke gave them more room than what they had before, but it could only reach the 17 mph mark at full throttle. With the new Water Glide it went from 22 mph to 32 mph and they decided it was a great product and wanted to promote it. Today the boat is just pontoons, deck (which I have restored with new wood and carpet) and 25hp outboard motor. I'm sure there is many houseboaters that would love the hands on experience that you can share with all of us.Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their pontoon houseboat building experiences. It is pleasing to learn that you are building these boats with a design concept different from the woefully inefficient round aluminum tubes.
I would like to erect a small cabin (6x10) for me and my wife, however we don't have a lot of boat building knowledge. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.
Weight is a strong factor in our choice of materials, as this was a pleasure boat with numerous seats, and an aluminum roof in 1987. Something tells me that you will be beaching her often for some great weekend getaways.Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their homemade pontoon houseboat experiences.

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