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If you are someone that likes to get on the water, and has boating skills, and also completely stuck on what he is going to do this weekend, then why not give pontoon boat rentals a try? Just remember, when anchoring a pontoon boat onto the beach, ensure that you are always paying close attention to whether the tide is outgoing or coming in – especially if you are parked directly on the beach, as a fast outgoing tide can get a pontoon boat stuck extremely quick. Looking for a good used pontoon boat 18 ft or less fishing type best have son in wheel chair so would like one with at least a 24 inch door on side so I can load him and wheelchair and would like a 4 cycle engine around 30 hp would be fine.
2015 Encore Boat Builders Bentley Cruise 240 Encore boat builders bentley 240 cruise se 24Year: 2015 Encore boat builders bentley 240 cruise se 24' pontoon boat. Dollar for dollar, this is one of the best ways that you and your family, friends, dogs, can get on the water and have fun.

If you and your buddies are planning on renting a pontoon boat for the day to go fishing, there are a couple of necessities that the boat should have.
Make sure to bring plenty of water to drink and also sunscreen – especially if you are renting the pontoon boat ina a hot climate that gets a lot of sunlight. If you are in an area that is full with manatees, you may not have to pay the extra money for a guide to take you out, you can just rent the pontoon boat and stroll up and down canals until you spot them, and since pontoon boats can hold many people, you can have many eyes looking out for manatees.
Bring a grill (if the beach allows it) and grill some hot dogs and hamburgers on the beach. As many pontoon boats are extremely spacious, with many compartments of storage, it should be no problem storing beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, and what ever else you may want to bring along on your beach picnic.

Some exceptions may apply to oversized and overweight items, as well as tires and hazardous materials.

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